Siiinging Bill

Beginning Reading

Leah Clark

Rationale: The break up of the alphabetic code is essential for beginner readers. They must master this task to become an efficient reader. Students will learn about phonemes which are sounds that our mouths make when we talk. In this lesson, students will recognize the short vowel i=/i/. The students will independently complete a letter box lesson to practice short i. Also, this will help them recognize words that have the /i/ sound.

Materials: Elkonin Letter Boxes; letters: B.J.I.g.j.l.t.r.c.k.e.d.s.n.g.w.m.p.There will be flashcards of the letterbox words. These include: in, big, Bill,Jill,sing, swim, spring.The words will already be written on the flashcards. Students will be paired off. Each pair of students will receive one set of flash cards. Primary paper and pencils; Silly Sally by Audrey Wood

1.The instructor will Introduce this lesson by writing the letter i on the board. Say: When you see this letter it makes the /i/ sound in many of the words you will be exposed to. Today we are going to work on reading and spelling words with the i = /i/ in them. 

2. The instructor will model this sound by giving an example of what sticky fingers feels like. For example of one has silly putty or slime stuck to their fingers they will rub them together. While saying sticky slime! Ick.ick.ick good way to remember this is to think of the sound you would make if you got slime on your fingers ick. Lets wiggle our fingers while we say icky fingers. icky fingers. Ick. ick!

3) Write. Big Jill tricked Bill to sing and swim in the spring. Let's say this tongue twister together. Read it twice. How many words did you hear the /i/ sound in? Seven. Nice work! What were some of those words? I will then write them on the board. Let's repeat this one more time and really emphasize the i = /i/. Erase the words and sentence when finished. 

4) Now I am going to work with the children hearing sounds in different words and being able to pick out the /i/. I am going to ask them: Do you hear the /i/ in ________ or _________? The word choices will be. pin or marker.sink or or brush.thin or hand.ship or hair. 

5) Students will take out the letterboxes and letters. Say.Now we are going to work on spelling out some words with the /i/ sound in them. We are going to spell only one sound in each of our boxes when we spell words. Are there any questions? Everyone is doing an excellent job! The instructor will now demonstrate an example on the board./i/ move i to middle box, /b/ move b to first box, and /g/ move g to last box. big. Ok, now let's spell some words. 
2 letter boxes. in 
3 letter boxes.big.Bill.Jill.sing.sing 
4 letter boxes. swim 
5 letter boxes. spring 

6) In the assigned pairs the students will use flashcards to practice reading aloud the words from the letterbox lesson. The teacher will observe and assess the students during this part by walking around the classroom. 

7) Now students are going to practice reading with the i = /i/ by reading the book Silly Sally. As students read they will take notice of the reading and writing skills discussed.


Icky Fingers. Beginning reading. by Angela Pridmore.
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