Gulping Down G!

An Emergent Literacy Lesson Design by Elizabeth Bryant

Rationale: This lesson will help children identify the phoneme, /g/, which is represented by the letter G.  Students will accomplish this goal of learning to recognize /g/ in spoken words by learning to use gulping a soda as a representation of what the written G sounds like. They will also practice identifying /g/ in words and be able to identify which rhyming words have the /g/ sound in it.


~ Chart with "Gary gulps grape Gatorade."


~ Assessment worksheet

~ Pencils and crayons

~ Chart with the song "Gurgle"


1. Say: Every sound that you make has a special mouth move that goes along with it! We are going to learn the mouth move for when you say the /g/ sound the letter G makes. Let's learn what this mouth move is! The /g/ sound is made by opening your mouth and barely touching the back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

2. Say: Making the gulping /g/ sound is like when you are drinking a big cup of grape Gatorade! Let's pretend to drink a big cup of juice! /g/ /g/ /g/. Did you feel where your tongue is?

3. Say: Let's try this tongue tickler! "Gary gulps grape Gatorade." Now let's stretch out this tickler to hear /g/ sounds in it. "GGGGary ggggulps ggggrape ggggatorade." Now let's break up this tickler into robot talk! "G-ar-y g-ul-ps gr-a-pe g-a-tor-ade."

4. Say: I'm going to show you how to find the /g/ sound in the word golf. I am going to stretch it out really slowly so I can hear the sounds and feel the mouth moves. Ggg-oooo-llll-ffff. I heard the /g/ in golf and felt the back of my tongue move to the top of my mouth.

5. Say: Now you try: Do you hear /g/ in GULP or LAKE? Do you hear /g/ in GOT or BAT?

6. Say: Let's practice! I'm going to show you 2 cards with words on them and ask you to say the words. We're going to try to find the word with the gulping /g/! (make cards using the words in the materials list to show the children)

7. Say: Let's sing a silly song about the gulping G!

We're going to sing the song "Gurgle." It is a fun song about drinking water that will help us remember the /g/ sound. I will sing it first and then you sing it with me!

gurgle, gurgle, gurgle
Went the water spout
gurgle, gurgle, gurgle
As the water came gushing out.
g,g,g, gone (pretend to drink from a cup)


8. At this time, I will assess the children with a worksheet. I will hand out the worksheet and ask the children to circle the words that begin with G. If they finish early, they can color the pictures that begin with G.

assessment worksheet 

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