Tick Tock Time /t/

Kim Brackin

Emergent Reading

Rationale: In order for students to become successful readers they must learn how to decode text.  Having a solid sense of phonemic awareness will help develop a strong reading. In this lesson the students will learn to recognize that /t/ is the phoneme for the letter T.  


Primary Paper


Story Book : Chip and Dale's New Home

Tongue Twister: Timmy the Tiger is terrible at telling time.

Letter T worksheet


1.       Begin by telling the students about how different letters make different sounds, and that each letter makes our mouth moves differently.

- "Today we are going to talk about the letter T, and we will focus on how it sounds and the way we move out mouths."

2.       Next, explain to the students the sound a clock makes when it ticks.

- "Have you ever heard a clock tick? What does it sound like? It says /t/, /t/, /t/. 


3. Show the students tongue twister on board. "Timmy the Tiger is terrible at telling time."  Now let's say it together, and really emphasize the /t/ sound. (Repeat the tongue twister) This time break off the /t/ sound from the words. "/t/immy the /t/iger is /t/errible a/t/ /t/elling /t/ime."

         4.   Now take out your primary paper and a pencil. "Let's practice writing a letter /t/. First I'll write it, and then we can        write it together. Let's start with the uppercase T. Start at the rooftop and make a straight line to the sidewalk. Next we put our pencil back at the rooftop but instead over to the right a little bit. Then draw the line straight across (horizontal) and go past the first line. Now you try! (Praise students or assist if needed.) Now we are going to draw the lowercase "t." We will start at the fence and draw a straight line to the sidewalk. Then we will make a short line across our first line right above the fence. This makes the lowercase t (Also, praise and help students.) Now draw one line of uppercase T's and lowercase t's.




5.       As an informal assessment to see how well the students understand, you can read off a list of words that have the "t" sound represented (be sure to include words that do not have the "t" sound in them). Have the students move their arms as the hands on a clock when they hear the sound.

- "I am going to read some words off a list, if you hear the tt tt sound like a clock, move your arms like a clock. Here we go! Table? Ship? Tall? Time? Puppy? Tight?




6.    Read Chip and Dale's New Home. Booktalk: Chip and Dale live in Donald Duck's old, run down shed.  They have fixed up the inside to look fabulous.  But now Donald has told his nephews that they can tear down the shed to build a boat!" Have the students do the cock motion every time they hear the /t/ sound. Discuss book, and sounds.




7.    Finally to formally assess students understanding of the letter "T," I would give a worksheet with the words that start with t and do not start with t. Students are to color only words that begin with the letter t. Words that start with t= tiger, turtle, turkey, tooth. Words that do not start with t = dinosaur, fish,  snake.




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