Lesson Designs by Preservice Teachers
Auburn University

Fall 2011

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I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness


Timberly Farley, Pretty Pig Penelope's Picnic
Joanna Holcomb,  Bouncing the Ball With B
Kaylyn Kirsch, Pop Your P's Like Popcorn
Amanda Svagdis, MMMoose, Oh My!
Kelsey Pugh Mom's Magic Muffins
Kim Brackin Tick Tock Time /t/
Shaefer Bradford  Ed the Elephant
Caroline Burr Sassy Sally Snake
Carolyn Klamon Learn How to Wiggle
Lizzie McCalley  Goat, Goat, Goat
Rachel Thompson  Rev Your Motor with M
Nikki Tucker  Blowing Bubbles With B
Alle Hausfeld Popcorn Goes Pop!
CaSandra Yarbrough  Z and the Buzzing Bee

Carmen Harper   Sizzling Sausage

Jeri Lynn Martin Pretty Pink Pigs

Caroline Perry  G…G…G…Gulping Water

Ashley Bledsoe  Growl with R

Lauren Owens Banging the Bongos with Baby Beluga
Madi Penningtion  Mmmm Mangos

Constance Wood  T T T . . . Goes the Clock

Kacey Albright Making M's is Magnificent

Lauren Thomas  Wemberly Worried When Will Went Wacky

Brantley Cole  Mushy Marshmallows

Katherine Crum  Slippery, Slimy, Silly, Spaghetti!
Kayla Jones, Munching on Muffins With M
Abby Hamann, "Buzzzzzzz" Goes the Bee!

Katie Backer, Chugging With Ch
Janie Colvin, Slithering, Sneaky Snake Says "SSSsssss"
Kelly Adams, T Is for Turtle!
Susie Rogers, Strumming N N N on the Banjo

Kaylee Bess, Susan the Silly Snake Slithered Away

Mary Kathryn Wheeler, Mmm, Mmm, Good!
Mary Katherine Cooke, Gulp Your Gatorade With G

Katie Kilgore, Tossing Touchdowns in Time With T
Brittany Smith, Fox in Socks

Leah Clark, The Pigs' Picnic

Allie Lancaster Snaky S

Beth Binkowski Sssneaky Sssnakes

Brittany Gleason Eating Mom's Marshmallows with M

Caroline Conner Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Good

Elizabeth Bryant Gulping Down G!

Lauren Davee Pop, pop, pop, POPCORN

Mary Haley Byrne Shelly Sheep
Meg Hall  Miss Piggie the Pig!

Megan Castleberry It's Grrreat to be an Auburrrn Tigerrr!

Morgane East Checking Your Breath with H

Rebekah Beason Racing 'Round R

Shelby Jordan Aaaaaaaa it's a Mouse!

Taylor Freeman Click Your Camera with /k/

Ellen Haynes R is Grrrrrrreat!

Alex Kingsford The Crab Grabbed a Stack of Glass

Lauren Meredith Wink with William for Watches!

Lynn Mitcham  DUH! I Know my D!

Elisabeth Owen Sawing Saws

Allison Pendleton Horton Hears a Who?

Julianne Robinson Click, Click, Take a Pic!

Kristin Saltsman Hiss Like a Snake with S

Bembry Smith Zipping Through the Zoo

Kathy Walsh Hear Your Heart Beat with the Letter B

Kristi Woods Buzz the Bumblebee

Crystal Dykes, Popping Popcorn With P

Avery Gwaltney Ha, Ha, Ha, Happpppppy Holidays!

Jennifer Stuart HOP Into Reading

Lauren Thompson /e/ is Excellent!

Hannah Jackson Slithering Snakes

Casey Free DDDDigging with D
Julie Kinsey, Mmm, Mmm, Good!

Christie Blomeyer  Pigs Play Patty-Cake at the Park


II. Beginning Reading


Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Julie Kinsey, Iiiiicky Stiiiicky
Avery Gwaltney E's are Exciting!

Meg Hall A's are A-a-ama-a-a-azing
Kristin Saltsman Hopping Frog
Alle Hausfeld Eww! It's Sticky Icky!
CaSandra Yarbrough Uh! Yucky U Stuff

Elizabeth Bryant Icky Sticky!

Hannah Jackson  Aaaahh! You Scared Me!

Carmen Harper Uhhhh . . . What's the answer?
Kayla Jones, October Operations

Katie Backer, Aaaaaa--The Baby Is Crying!
Kelly Adams, Frying Eggs With /e/!

Mary Kathryn Wheeler, Cry Like a Baby, Waaaa!

Janie Colvin, "Aaaaaaa," Cries the Baby
Timberly Farley, Elephant Elmo Is Excited
Joanna Holcomb, Ella Elephant Says "Ehhhh?"
Brittany Smith, Let's Say Ahhhhhhhh!
Kaylee Bess, Eddy the Elf Fetched the Egg
Katie Kilgore, Icky Sticky /i/
Leah Clark, Siiinging Bill
Mary Katherine Cooke, Figure It Out With "Ehh?"

Caroline Burr, Icky, Iggy Iguana

Lauren Davee Icky Sticky!

Taylor Freeman Uh, I Don't Know

Lauren Meredith Under my Umbrella

Lynn Mitcham Aaaah! It's an /a/!

Alex Kingsford /u/ Says Uhhhhhh!

Bembry Smith Sticky, Icky Glue, Ew!

Lauren Thomas Dr. Ollie Operates on Oliver

Rachel Thompson  Aaaaahh Choo!

Lizzie McCalley  Ethan is Extra Exciting

Lauren Owens  Ahhhh, A Scary Ghost!

Jennifer Stuart Uh!

Jeri Lynn Martin Little Abby Says "Waaa Waaa"

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels


Geri Murray Oh! I didn't know

Ellen Haynes AU is Awesome!
Shelby Jordan Eeee, It's a Mouse!
Madi Pennington  The Amazing Apes Ate Acorns
Carolyn Perry Oh, Oh, I Know the Answer!!

Ashley Bledsoe  A Okay!

Crystal Dykes, Float With O!

Constance Wood  I…I… Captain!

Kacey Albright Yay! I Hear an A

Christie Blomeyer Baking a Cake with A

Brantley Cole Aaayyy!
Rebekah Beason Long I Bites

Susie Rogers, Ouch, Bug, Ouch!

Schaefer Bradford  Pirate I Says Aye, Aye!

Kelsey Pugh Mike's Prime Time Bike Ride  

Beth Binkowski Aaaaay? What did you Say?     

Allie Lancaster Aye Aye, Captain!

Mary Haley Byrne Abe the Snake

Megan Castleberry Doctor Says: Say Ahhh!

Caroline Conner Ayy? What's That You Say?!  

Morgane East Aye, Aye Captain!    

Elisabeth Owen Shrieking E's

Allison Pendleton  Beep Beep Goes the Jeep!

Nikki Tucker  Eeek Let Out a Shriek!

Julianne Robinson Ay? I Can't Hear You!

Kathy Walsh Aye, Aye, "Captain I"

Lauren Thompson  Boo says, "Oooooo!"


Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Brittany Gleason Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Children
Amanda Svagdis, Shush, Sheep, Shush!
Abby Hamann, Shhh!
Kaylyn Kirsch, Let's Chuga Chuga Chuga Choo Choo With ch

Kim Brackin Shelly's Shiny Seashells

Katherine Crum Chunky Chocolate Chips

Kristi Woods Ow! That Hurts!

Carolyn Klamon Let's go Fishing!

Casey Free Ar' Mate!

Lessons for teaching blending or spelling


III. Growing Independence and Fluency


Lessons for teaching faster reading


Kelly Adams, Drop Everything and Read!
Katie Backer, Reading and Rowing to Treasure Island
Abby Hamann, Zoooom! Let's Go, Go, Go!
Kayla Jones, Zooming Into Fluency
Katie Kilgore, Flying Into Fluency!
Alex Kingsford Sally Went to the Market
Alle Hausfeld Lets Go Fly a Kite for Fluency
CaSandra Yarbrough Hopp Into Reading
Rachel Thompson  Ready, Set, Read Faster
Kathy Walsh Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Allie Lancaster  Reading Like a Rocket Blastoff!

Allison Pendleton  Buzz Into Being a Great Reader!

Kacey Albright Speed Racing to the Bottom of the Hill

Lauren Thomas Flying with Fluency

Caroline Perry  Fast, Faster, Fastest With Fluency

Amanda Svagdis, Click, Clack, Mooing to Fluency!
Mary Katherine Cooke, Learning Fluency With Gloria the Dog
Kaylyn Kirsch, Aiming to Be a Fluent Reader

Brantley Cole Fantastic Fluency!

Casey Free Soaring into Fluency

Madi Pennington Speeding Into Fluency

Constance Wood  Teaming up for Fluency

Christie Blomeyer  Reading Fluently is Easy as One, Two, Sea!

Carmen Harper  Fancy Fluency

Ashley Bledsoe Take Off with Reading!
Mary Kathryn Wheeler, Reading Faster, Farther, and More Fluently
Janie Colvin, Zoom Into Fluent Reading
Timberly Farley, Fluency Fluency Fluency!
Joanna Holcomb, Hungry for Reading
Brittany Smith, Ready. Set. Read
Crystal Dykes, Racing for Reading
Julie Kinsey, Read Like You Mean It!

Schaefer Bradford Ready! Set! Read Fluently!

Shelby Jordan Fluent Readers are Fabulous!

Kelsey Pugh Blast Off into Reading

Caroline Conner Ready, Set, Read!!

Carolyn Burr  Dive into Successful Reading

Rebekah Beason Read, Read, Read to Succeed!

Kim Brackin Crosschecking Cats

Megan Castleberry Rapid Readers Rock!

Katherine Crum Ready, Set, Read!

Lauren Davee Fast! Fluency! Fun!

Morgane East Fluency for Halloween

Avery Gwaltney Ready, Set, Read!

Meg Hall On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!

Hannah Jackson Ready, Set, Read!

Lizzie McCalley Timed Reading Fun!

Beth Binkowski  Fancy and Fluent

Ellen Haynes Fluency Rocks

Julianne Robinson Reading Rock Stars

Kristin Saltsman Shoot Toward Fluency

Bembry Smith Racing to Read

Carolyn Klamon Ready, Set, Let's be Fluent!

Lauren Owens Practicing Fluency on One Winter Day

Jennifer Stuart Read, Steady, Read!

Lauren Thompson Chugga-Chugga, Read-Read!

Jeri Lynn Martin Take off in 3…2…1!
Kristi Woods On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!

Nikki Tucker Wolfing Down Words

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading


Susie Rogers, Let Your Reading Flow Like Rain
Kaylee Bess, Reading With Expression
Leah Clark, Diary of a Worm

Elizabeth Bryant If you Give a Student a Book

Mary Haley Byrne Express Yourself

Taylor Freeman  Say it with Excitement!

Brittany Gleason Let's Become Fast, Smooth, and Expressive Readers!

Lauren Meredith Blast Off to Better Reading!

Lynn Mitcham Lights! Camera! Action!

Elisabeth Owen Growing Garden of Fluency


IV. Reading to Learn


Lessons for teaching summarization


Kayla Jones, Sum It Up!
Abby Hamann, SUMthing to Be Excited About!
Katie Backer, Ready, Set, Summarize!
Julie Kinsey, Sum It Up!
Kelly Adams, Becoming Skilled Summarizers!
Mary Katherine Cooke, Tigers and Apes and Bugs, Oh My! Summarizing With Science
Janie Colvin, Star Summarizers
Joanna Holcomb, Summing Up the Suds
Kaylee Bess, Let's Sum It Up!
Amanda Svagdis, 1, 2, 3 Let's Make a Summary!
Katie Kilgore, Sum It Up!
Kaylyn Kirsch, Summarizing Superstars
Brittany Smith, Sum It Up!
Mary Kathryn Wheeler, Soaring Into Summarizing
Leah Clark, Summarizing Science

Schaefer Bradford Super Summarizer

Alle Hausfeld Super Summarizers

Shelby Jordan Speedy Summarizers

Kelsey Pugh  Summarizing Superstar

Kacey Albright Just Get to the Point. . .Sum it up!

Rebekah Beason Successful Spider Summarizing

Beth Binkowski Super Summarizing

Kim Brackin Popping Summaries

Meg Hall Summarizing is Super!

Ashley Bledsoe Be Stupendous and Summarize!             

Caroline Burr Simon Says Summarize

Mary Haley Byrne Summary Superstar

Lauren Davee Diving with Dolphins into Summarization

Brittany Gleason Let's Summarize!

Morgane East Summing it Up with Summarization

Avery Gwaltney Hmm, What's the Point? Summarizing?

Carmen Harper Swimming Through Summarization

Ellen Haynes On Your Mark, Get Set, Summarize!

Allie Lancaster Summarization for the Nation!

Lizzie McCalley Becoming a Summarizer!

Christie Blomeyer So What's Important?

Allison Pendleton Summarization is Easy as 1 2 3!

Elisabeth Owen Reading Animals    

Madi Pennington Summing it All Up!     

Alex Kingsford Summarizing Superstars

Kristin Saltsman Sum it Up!

Rachel Thompson Sum it All Up

Kristi Woods Simple Steps, Sum it Up!

Kathy Walsh The Sum of It's Parts -- Summarizing an Article

Katherine Crum Summarization Invasion

Caroline Perry Far Out Summarizing

Lauren Thompson Let's Give Them SUMthing to Talk About!

Carolyn Klamon Superstar Summarizers

Jennifer Stuart Sea Turtles are SUMthing Cool?

Lauren Thomas Whale, Aren't You Good at Reading!

Constance Wood Summing Up with Polar Bears

CaSandra Yarbrough Summarizing Hero

Lessons for teaching visualization


Susie Rogers, Let Your Mind Be the Adventure!
Timberly Farley, Painting a Picture

Elizabeth Bryant Lights! Camera! Imagination!

Lynn Mitcham The Last of the Great Whangdoodles

Megan Castleberry Picture This, Picture That, Paint a Picture in Your Mind!

Brantley Cole Summarization Scientists

Caroline Conner Read to See so Many Possibilities!

Nikki Tucker Picture This!

Lauren Meredith Picture This!

Taylor Freeman, A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words

Jeri Lynn Martin Picture Perfect

Bembry Smith Can You See What You are Reading?
Casey Free Ready, Set, Visualize!

Lessons for teaching children about story grammar

Crystal Dykes, Story Grammar Hammer Time!

Hannah Jackson Reading is Fun!

Julianne Robinson Secret Story Maps

Lauren Owens Aunt Story Grammar