Excellent Red
Beginning Reading
Samantha McCullars
  There is a strong connection between children's level of phonemic awareness after training and later successful reading. Students have also found the levels of phonemic awareness relate to achievement in spelling. This lesson covers the correspondence e=/e/.

primary paper
Red Gets Fed (Educational Insights, copyright 1990)
word list
Elkonin boxes


1. Introduce by explaining writing as a secret code. We know that our mouth moves when we talk. Today we are going to try to spot the /e/. The /e/ might not be easy to find in words but let's try some anyway. Say /e/ with me. Notice that you just have to open your mouth just a little bit and your tongue gets to be lazy and sit one the bottom of your mouth.

2. Does your grandfather or grandmother ever hold their hand up to their ear (as if they can not hear you) and say /e/? Model as you ask. That's the sound weâre looking for in words. Put your hand up to your ear and say /e/ as if you can not hear.

3. Let's try a tongue twister. Eddy the egg enters the elevator. When you hear a word that has the /e/ sound in it put your hand close to your ear. Let's say it together. Eddy the egg enters the elevator.

4. Have students take out primary paper and a pencil. Let's practice writing words that have the /e/. Can someone tell me how to spell bet? As you write bet on the board be sure to sound each phoneme aloud so students will understand the word bet contains /e/.  /bbb/ is the first letter, /eee/ is the second letter, and /tttt/is the last letter. Now I want you to come up with one word that contains the /e/. Share words with the class. Have the students call out spelling or come write spelling on the board.

5. I am going to say two words and then decide which has the /e/ in it. Write the words on the board then point as you pronounce them. Do I hear /e/ in say or led? Sssaaayy. Llleeedd. Led. Now I am going to call out some words and I want to answer. Do you hear /e/ in duck or hen? lone or sell? tall or bend? yell or talk? test or quiz?

6. For assessment have a list of words and pair students so they can use Elkonin Boxes to spell and read the words. Split student up in pairs (A/B)

Word  Phoneme Group
Bed  3  A
Fell  3  B
Pen  3  A
Wed  3  B
Leg  3  A
Bid  3  B
Kid  3  A
Rig  3  B
Lend  4  A
Smell  4  B
Test  4  A
Sent  4  B
Spin  4  A
Snip  4  B

7. Have students read Red Gets Fed by Educational Insights. Read story again and have students raise their hand to their ear when they hear the /e/. This time when I read I want you to raise your hand to your ear when you hear the /e/ in a word. Write words on the board even if they do not contain /e/ to be discussed with the class. May want to use /E/ words to just see if the student can tell the difference between /E/ and /e/.

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