Research-Based Lessons From Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
  Fall 2005

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I. Emergent Literacy
Lessons for teaching letter recognition
Jayme Ebaugh, Bbb - Bee and Ddd - Dee!
Katie Edema, Gulping Guppies
Lauren Hendriks, Sticky Spaghetti Snakes
Lindsay Graves, Four Funny Fish!
Sarah Autrey, Patty the Pretty Pig
Anne Joseph, Silly Sally's Pet Snake
Wendy Robinson, Sally Snake
Megan Lowery, Maggie's Merry Milkshakes
Christina Smith, Perfectly Poised P's
Jessica Parker, N-N-N Goes No!
Matthew Darby, Bouncy Balls and Baseball Bats
Allison Cox, Ahhhh….You Woke Up the Baby!

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness
Allison Brock, Open the Door
Ridey Foster, I-I-I-Icky Sticky
Lauren Rockwell, Wishy Washy
Rachel Bier, The Icky Sticky Ice Cream Cone
Seth Clark, Wiggle Worms
Amanda Palmer, Eehhh! Speak Up!
Kari Beth Freeman, Active Adventures With Short A!
Emily Barberini, Motor Boat, Motor Boat
Tammy Feely, Can You Stop the Baby From Crying?
Jenna Ward, Itchy Iggy
Courtney Smith, Don't Cry, Baby
Jennifer Lilly, Open the Creaky Door
Laura Beth Anderson, Mmmm Mmmm Good
Mary Kay Williams, Say Cheese!
Kristen Britton, Plato the Penguin
Micah Moore, Icky Drippy Igloo
Mary Cox Brown, Gazunheit
Laura Slocum, AAAAAAAAAAA!  Stop Crying!
Erin Gray, The Crying Baby
Lindsay Williams, Ssss…Goes Sammy the Slithering Snake
Landon McKean, P is for P-P-P-Pumpkin
Margaret Pettey, Shake Out Those Sillies!
Casey Morrow, Izzy's Sticky Pig
Emily Cate Stewart, Open That Door! Eeehh…
Leslie Chasteen, What's Behind the Creaky Door?
Elizabeth Moats, Say /o/
Abby Williams, Mmmmm…Yummy in My Tummy!
Sarah Barton, It's Time to Open Wide for O
Stacy Lide, Aaaaa! The Letter A!
Elizabeth Bush, Wiggle Worms
Kelly Roberts, Ehhhh?
Amanda Lyle, Catch the Sneezing /a/
Jamie Self, B-b-bouncing Ball
Leslie Myer, Aaaa . . . Was That a Baby?
Natalie Dekle, Silly Snakes
Lauren Elliott, D-d-do You Hear Dan's Drum?

Lessons for teaching print concepts, segmentation, or blending
Rachel Owens, Guess the Secret Code

I. Beginning Reading
Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Kristen Britton, Ellen's Elephants
Courtney Smith, Open Wide Ollie
Laura Slocum, Ahhhhhh! Stop the Crying Baby
Lauren Rockwell, /e/. . . It Must Be Old
Kari Beth Freeman, The Doctor Is In!
Tammy Feely, Walk Down the Yellow Brick Road with Mr. Tiiiiiiin Man
Ridey Foster, Open Up and Say Ahh
Allison Brock, O-o-o I'm Tired!
Seth Clark, Let's All Be Buds
Mary Kay Williams, AAA! The Baby is Crying! AAA!
Micah Moore, Uhh! Says the Tug
Jayme Ebaugh, Creaky Door E
Erin Gray, Bad Bats
Lindsay Williams, Don't Lick That Sticky Stuff!
Wendy Robinson, Eh, Edna, What Did You Say?
Megan Lowery, Fred's Red Elephants
Jessica Parker, Fuzz Gets an Unpleasant Buzz!
Emily Cate Stewart, Hush, Cry Baby A
Molly McCormick, Icky Sticky Fingers
Elizabeth Moats, Ollie the Otter
Abby Williams, Icky Stinky Fingers!
Stacy Lide, The Iddy Biddy i
Elizabeth Bush, E-e-e-e-eh...What Did You Say?
Sarah Autrey, Aaaaaaaa…..the Baby and the Cat Said
Kelly Roberts, The Doctor's In...Say "AAAHHH!"
Leslie Myer, Edward's Elephants
Emily Cate Stewart, Hush Crybaby A

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels
Lauren Hendricks, The Loud Trout Shouts!
Laura Beth Anderson, "BOO!" Says the Ghost
Rachel Bier, Hi, My Name is A
Jennifer Lilly, James Makes Cake
Casey Morrow, Blake's Brave Race
Mary Cox Brown, A Race on the Lake
Christina Smith, To Make a Cake You Must Say /A/
Matthew Darby, A Day, A Day!
Leslie Chasteen, A Likes the Rain
Amanda Palmer, A Fleet of Sheep
Sarah Barton, Oooohh My!
Amanda Lyle, Say Cheese

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Landon McKean, Shhh Here and There
Margaret Pettey, Chester Like to Chomp on Cheese
Jenna Ward, Shoo-Fly!
Emily Barberini, Something's Fishhhy
Anne Joseph, Chomp Chomp Chocolate
Katie Edema, Ssshhelly the Ssshhark Goes Ssshhopping
Lindsay Graves, Shhhhhh, the Baby is Sleeping!
Allison Cox, Shhhh!
Natalie Dekle, Shhhiny Shhhoes!
Lauren Elliott, Choo-Choo! I Think I Can!

Lessons for teaching spelling
Rachel Owens, Spelling Words

III. Growing Independence & Fluency
Lessons for teaching faster reading
Lindsay Graves, Fly Away Into Reading
Lauren Rockwell, Zoom Zoom Zoom
Mary Cox Brown, Speeding Into Fluency
Stacy Lide, Speedy Reading!
Lindsay Williams, Let's Race to the Top!
Emily Barberini, Jack and the Beanstalk
Rachel Bier, Race to the Finish
Kari Beth Freeman, A Day at the Poetry Theatre!
Courtney Smith, Farm Race
Lindsay Graves, Fly Away Into Reading
Jennifer Lilly, Speed Reader
Seth Clark, Read and Reread
Mary Kay Williams, Going, Going, Gone!
Sarah Autrey, We are NUTS About Fluency!
Micah Moore, Ready, Set, Go!
Laura Slocum, Speedy Readers
Jayme Ebaugh, Flying to Fluency
Katie Edema, Yee-haw! Saddle Up Your Books and Let's Ride!
Landon McKean, Go, Read. Go!
Wendy Robinson, Ready? Let's Read!
Christina Smith, Speed Team
Jessica Parker, Read and Stop! See How Fast You Go!
Casey Morrow, 5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off to Reading!
Emily Cate Stewart, Walk the Talk
Molly McCormick, Fluency in the Big Top
Matthew Darby, Let's Read With Speed
Leslie Chasteen, Reading Racecar
Elizabeth Moats, Ready, Set, Read!

Amanda Palmer, Speed Up!
Abby Williams, Let's Read For Speed!
Elizabeth Bush, Racing Through Books!
Kristen Britton, Ready, Set...Read!
Amanda Lyle, Fast...Feed Red
Allison Cox, Read With Speed!
Jamie Self, Reading Race
Leslie Myer, Fall Into Fluency
Natalie Dekle, Racing Readers
Lauren Elliott, That's a Record!

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading
Anne Joseph, I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Reading!
Rachel Owens, Exciting Expressions
Tammy Feely, Just Imagine Where You Will Go
Jenna Ward, Express Yourself!
Ridey Foster, Say It Like You Mean It!
Allison Brock, How Do You Feel?
Laura Beth Anderson, Touchdown! Reading
Erin Gray, Express Yourself
Margaret Pettey, Make Your Stories Come Alive with Expression!
Megan Lowery, Excited About Expression!
Sarah Barton, Help! Hilary! Help!
Kelly Roberts, Smooth Operator!

Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly
Lauren Hendriks, Shh! We're Reading!

IV. Reading to Learn
Lessons for teaching summarization
Ridey Foster, Sensational Summarization!
Jennifer Lilly, State the Facts
Allison Brock, Super Summarizers
Christina Smith, Face to Face Summary!
Jenna Ward, Chunks, Chunks, and MORE Chunks!
Laura Beth Anderson, What was THAT all About?
Seth Clark, Remember What We Read
Mary Kay Williams, Summing It All Up!
Sarah Autrey, Let's Get the Facts!
Micah Moore, It's Raining Meatballs
Jayme Ebaugh, Summarizing With Frindle
Courtney Smith, Summarizing Puts the Pieces Together
Lindsay Williams, All in a Nutshell
Emily Barberini, Climbing the Steps
Kristen Britton, Plug It All In
Anne Joseph, Let's Get Ready to Summarize
Lindsay Graves, I'm Thankful I Can Summarize!
Wendy Robinson, Break It Down!
Jessica Parker, A Few Steps, Sum it UP!
Emily Cate Stewart,
Summarizing What Counts
Leslie Chasteen, Summing Up the Facts
Elizabeth Moats, Summing It Up!
Amanda Palmer, Sum-thing Important!
Abby Williams, Let's Sum It All Up!
Sarah Barton, Summarizing Success
Stacy Lide, Let's Summarize!
Lauren Rockwell, SumBody Special
Kelly Roberts, Summin' It All Up!
Amanda Lyle, Simply Summarized
Allison Cox, Mapping Out a Summary
Jamie Self, Let's Sum It Up
Leslie Myer, Let's Get to the Bottom of It!
Mary Cox Brown, Sum It UP
Natalie Dekle, Sum It Up!
Lauren Elliott, Grrrreat Reading!

Lessons for teaching visualization
Rachel Bier, I Can See It Now!
Tammy Feely, 1.2.3. Click! I See it!
Kari Beth Freeman, Close Your Eyes, It's Time to Read!
Laura Slocum, What Do You See?
Erin Gray, Visualizing Sarah
Landon McKean, Visions of Pigs
Margaret Pettey, Sketch Your Imagination!
Megan Lowery, Mental Pictures!
Casey Morrow, Can You See It?
Molly McCormick, Flying High in Our Imaginations
Matthew Darby, What Do You See?
Elizabeth Bush, See It When You Read It!

Lessons for teaching children about story grammar
Lauren Hendriks, Reading to Remember!
Katie Edema, The Juicy Stuff Matters

Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions
Rachel Owens, Before and After Thoughts