Chomp Chomp Chocolate


Beginning Reading Lesson

Anne Joseph

Rationale: When children begin to read, it is essential for them to have an understanding of letters and their corresponding sounds but also diagraphs.  Sometimes when two or more letters are put together, they make one sound.  In this lesson, Chomp Chomp Chocolate Chips, we will be emphasizing the c and h when they are together.  Together these two letters make the /ch/ sound. The students will learn to recognize this combination in everyday reading. 


Materials:  Letterboxes for group (5 children)

                    Letters-lower case: c, h, i, p, r, a, o, t, m, u, n, k, g

                    Martin, Bill Jr. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Simon & Schuster Inc. 1989. New York: NY.


                    Assessment sheets-different objects; some starting with /ch/ and some not

                    Examples: chair, train, chart, shoe, stove, chip

                    Teacher set of letters and letterbox (larger version)



  1. I will begin our lesson by introducing our topic.  “Today we are going to talk about a special set of letter that when they are put together, make one sound.  Everyone say chair, chomp, chart, chip…Do any of you hear a similar sound?”
  2. We will review some letter/sound relationships like the diagraph /ch/.  We will talk about some that we have already learned like /sh/.  “Lets say some words that start with /sh/, shoes, shirt, shop, shower.  Good.”  “Whenever you see a train what sound do you think of?  Choo-Choo…good”  Today whenever you hear someone say /ch/ or if you see /ch/ when you are reading, I want you to put you hand in a fist and move it like you do when you see a choo-choo train.”
  3. “Lets try a tongue twister using our new diagraph /ch/.  Charlie chomps on chocolate chips while chasing chipmunks.  Everyone say it three times together.  Now lets emphasize the /ch/ everytime we hear it.  CH-arlie CH-omps on CH-ocolate…. Good job”
  4. “Now everyone needs to get their letterboxes and their letters.  We are going to spell some words that include our new diagraph /ch/.  Since /ch/ makes one sound but is two letters, how many boxes should it take up?  One-good.  I am going to show you how and then I will let you practice.  The word is chow… ch-o-w. 
  5. Here are your words.  Words: 3-[chop, chug, chat, chip] 4-[chomp, chunk]. 
  6. Now I am going to spell the words without my boxes and I want you to tell me what I am spelling. For example, "Ch-u-g.  Oh, Chug" Now you do it.  Good.
  7. Next I will give each student a copy of the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I will have them read along with me and every time we hear /ch/ we will move our arm like the train is coming. Then the student will read with a partner.

Assessment:  I will give each student a worksheet containing words and pictures with /ch/ and words with other diagraphs like /st/, /sh/, /ck/.  I will have the students match the picture with the correct word. 


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Martin, Bill Jr. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Simon & Schuster Inc. 1989. New York: NY.

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