Shhhiny Shhhoes!

Beginning Reading

Natalie Dekle


It is crucial for reading that children understand phonemes.  In order to read with ease, phoneme awareness needs to be developed.  Separating phonemes can be a real challenge for students, especially digraphs. This lesson will focus on the digraph sh =/sh/.



White board and markers

Poster containing tongue twister, “Shelly went shopping for new shiny shoes.”

Letterboxes and letter for each student

            -Letters: a, c, e, h, i, k, l, m, p, s, t, w

Mrs. Wishy Washy by Joy Cowly



1. Introduce lesson by reminding students about letter sounds. “Today we are going to talk about the sounds that letters make. I’m going to call them mouth moves because we are going to see the way our mouth moves to make a sound. We have already learned that each letter stands for a sound and we know what sound these letters make. Well, today we are going to talk about a mouth move that has two letters but one sound.”

2. Who can tell me the sound you mom or dad makes when they are trying to make you quiet down?” “Very good! It’s shhh. Let’s all say that together, shhhh. Notice the shape your mouth makes when you make that sound, look at mine.”

3. Put up poster with the tongue twiser, “Shelly went shopping for new shiny shoes” on it. Say it to the students then have them say it. Have the students say it again holding out the /sh/ sound. “Let’s point out the words that have the /sh/ sound in it. Shelly, shopping, shiny, and shoes Very good!”

4. (Pass out letter boxes and letters) Now introduce the letterbox lesson. This is something they have already done. “Now we are going to do a letter box lesson using the s and h to make the /sh/ sound. Remember that one sound goes in each box. Also remember that /sh/ is two letter that makes one sound. Let me show you how we are going to do that. I’m going to spell the word shop. I’m going to put the /sh/ sound letters, sh in the first box. /sh/ /o/, now I’m going to put the o in the second box. /sh/ /o/ /p/. Now I’m going to put the last sound, /p/ in the last box. /sh/ /o/ /p/, shop. Ok, now it is ya’lls turn to try. Start with three boxes as spell the word shot.” Continue with sham, ship, shack, wish, mesh, stash, splash.

7. Read Mrs. Wishy Washy one time all the way through. Read it a second time and have the students put their finer to their lips when they hear /sh/ in a word. Write the words on the board and go over them orally when finished reading.

8. For fun let the students pick one word on the board and draw a picture of it to hang around the room.



I will observe the students through out the lesson while they are repeating the words and sounds. I will look at their letterboxes as we go along to make sure they are spelling the words right and putting the sh together. I will observe the students during the story to see who raises their finger to their mouth on the correct words.



Cowly, Joy. Mrs. Wishy Washy

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