Let’s Read With Speed

By: Matthew Darby


This lesson will help students to read faster and more smoothly.  The more students read a text the more familiar the text becomes, and the more fluent the students becomes with the book.  In order for a student to read fluently they need to be able to recognize word accurately, rapidly, and automatically.


Chalk board with the sentence: Today is a great and wonderful day.

Frederick by Leo Lionni for every two students (With the number of words written out to the side of every line.)

Timer for every two students

Worksheet (A bar graph so that the students can monitor their one min. read progress.)

Procedure:  Students do you remember what we learned last week?  That’s right we learned all are vowels.  Today we are going to practice reading a story with fluency.  Does anyone no what that means.  It is when you are able to read a story faster and smoother.  You are also able to understand more about the story if you can read fluently.

Students I’m going to read a sentence twice for you once like a beginning reader and once like a skillful reader.  I want you to listen carefully and see if you can pick up the differences. Show students the board with the sentence wrote on it.  “ Today is a great and wonderful day.”  Read the sentence first as a beginning reader T-t-o-o-o-d-a-y i-s a g-g-r-e-a-t a-n-d -w-w-w-wo-o-n-d-d-e-r-f-u-l d-a-y.  Next read the sentence as a skilled reader “Today is a great and wonderful day.”  Students can you tell me which of those two was the easiest to understand and remember? That’s right the second one.  What made it sound better?

Today we are going to read the story the Frederick in groups.  Pass out worksheet graph.  I want you to read this book in one min. intervals with your buddy.  So one person is going to be timing the other with the stop watch, while the other is reading.  I want you to take turns reading to one another.  After one minute I want your partner to say stop.  Count up the number of words and color in the number you got on the worksheet.

I want you and your partner to read for one minute each, five different times.  Each time you read the line on your worksheet should move up a little.  Let’s see how far you can make the line move up.  I bet if you do it enough times you can reach the top of the mountain. Alright everyone lets get ready to read.

I will asses the students by viewing their charts that they are making.  If any additional assessment is need I will call them back and have them do one minute time reads to me.

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