Bouncy Balls and Baseball Bats

Emergent Literacy Design
Matthew Darby


This lesson is designed to help students with the correspondence b=/b/.  This lesson provides students with the opportunity to learn how to write both the uppercase and the lowercase letter b.  Student will also learn words that start with the sound /b/.  This lesson allows for students to practice both using the correspondence in a reading and writing situation.  “Studies indicate that reading and writing are interrelated processes (Doctorow, Wittrock, & Marks, 1978; Taylor & Berkowitz, 1980), and growth in one process tends to facilitate growth in the other” (Eldredge, 11.)




Pass out the coloring sheets and crayons.  Tell the student that they are only to color the pictures that have a picture that starts with the /b/ sound.  Ask if the students have any questions about the coloring worksheet.  While students are working on this coloring sheet, the teacher should walk around the room offering assistance to students who need extra help with the sound /b/.


Dakota Farrulla Bouncy Bouncy Basketball  Emergent Literacy Design.

Eldredge, J. Lloyd.  Teaching Decoding Why and How. Second Edition.  Pearson

Education Inc. New Jersey. 1995

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