Plato the Penguin

Kristen Britton

Rationale: Phoneme awareness is a crucial part of emergent literacy.  It is crucial that children are able to recognize grapheme-phoneme correspondences so that they learn how to map phonemes onto graphemes in written words.  For this lesson I will be teaching p=/p/ and the letter P/p.  By the end of this lesson my goal is for the students to be able to recognize the capital and lowercase P/p, as well as recognizing that phoneme that they represent is /p/.



Paper Penguin

Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester

            Primary paper


            Sentence strips with tongue twister:  Plato the penguin plays ping pong.

            Large pictures (some using /p/ words and others without)

            Small pictures (hat, pan, pencil, pizza, car, dog, plane, etc.)

            “P” coloring page

            Connect the dot activity


Procedure:  I will start by asking what letter makes the /p/ sound.  I will have a large cardboard P and p at the front of the classroom.  I will again ask what letter makes the /p/ sound or if anyone can identify the letter that is at the front of the room.  As a class we will identify the pictures and decide if they begin with the /p/ sound or not.  Have the students attach the /p/ pictures around the large P’s with Velcro.  Next we will practice how to write the letter p, starting with the capital then moving on to the lowercase.  Have students practice writing their p’s a few times on the primary paper. 

To assess my students retention of p=/p/ I will have a coloring page with the letters on it.  I will have assorted small pictures that they can choose from to find ones that begin with /p/.  If they can find the correct pictures then I will be able to see whether or not they understand the p=/p/ idea.  Also, just for practice I will ask them to write the letters a few more times on the page where it has practice lines, and for fun connect the dots on the penguin page.



Zigby Zigzag by Nicole Pender

Miss Molly the Mouse by Rebecca Smith

Penny the Pig Plays with Letter P by Ashley Rials

practice pages:


Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester, Houghton-Mifflin publishers

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