Research-Based Lessons From Teacher Candidates

Auburn University

Spring 2016


I. Emergent Literacy


Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness

Shelby Pickett, Listen for the Letter T: Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Mary Margaret Beck, Getting Read to Eat with M
Audrey Blair, Washing Clothes With W

Lindsey, Lauren, Exploring Reading with Roaring "R"

Sarah Price, Six Silly Snakes
Olivia McKnight, A MMMouse Ate My Cookie 
Melissa Murphree, Ding-Dong the Doorbell with D!

Anna Kyser, Panting in the Hhhhhot Sun

Claire Koenig, Gulp a Gallon with G

Bianca Davidson, Cooking with S 
Rachel Smith, Pop Your Gum With P 
Gabrielle Guyette, Running a Lap with H

Jieun Lee, Let’s Hurry Before T Tick-Tock’s Away 
Caroline Hall, Tick,Tick, Tock Goes the Clock!

Rhiannon Akins, Slither like a Slimy, Sticky Snake with S

Ameshia Cleveland, Mama, Mama, Make Me Some Jambalaya with the letter M!

Megan Malone, Pant Like a Dog with H

Meri Hamilton, S the Slithery Snake
Allison Diamond, Playing with the Letter P 

II. Beginning Reading


Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Audrey Blair, Say Ah!
Lindsey, Lauren, When the Cat Scratches the Baby 
Melissa Murphree, Ehh, I Can’t Hear You!

Gabrielle Guyette, Icky, Sticky, Lollipop

Ameshia Cleveland, Icky Vicky Babysits Talking Timmy

Megan Malone, The Doctor Said Open Wide So He Could Look Deep Inside


Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Shelby Pickett, Twice the Spice is Nice
Mary Margaret Beck, This Takes the Cake
Sarah Price, Eeeek, It’s Big E!
Olivia McKnight, Ayy Man, Watch Out!
Anna Kyser, Whoo Me? 

Claire Koenig, What’d Ya Say A?

Bianca Davidson, Say Cheese
Rachel Smith, Oh the Places You’ll Go 
Jieun Lee, Lane to A’s

Caroline Hall, It's A Race to Space!

Rhiannon Akins, Say “BOO” like a Ghost with OO

Meri Hamilton, The Ghost Says “Boo!”

Allison Diamond, Ouch, that Hurts!

III. Growing Independence & Fluency


Lessons for teaching faster reading

Shelby Pickett, Shining Bright with Fluency 
Mary Margaret Beck, Fishy Fluency with Junie B.
Audrey Blair, Don't Monkey Around With Fluency
Lindsey, Lauren, Driving the Fluency Bus to School with Junie B. Jones
Sarah Price, Queen of Fluency
Olivia McKnight, One, Two, Three…HIKE to Fluency
Melissa Murphree, Buzzing for Fluency!

Anna Kyser, Spying Fluency with Junie B. Jones

Claire Koenig, The Race for Reading 
Bianca Davidson, On Your Mark…Get Set...READ 

Rachel Smith, Looking for Fluency
Gabrielle Guyette, Hunting for Fluency
Jieun Lee, Smooth Ride Reading to the Zoo
Caroline Hall, Flashlight Fluency
Rhiannon Akins, Fluency With The Hungry Mouse
Ameshia Cleveland, Fluency: What Do You Mean???!

Megan Malone, This Is Gonna Be the Best Book Ever! 
Meri Hamilton, Fishing for Fluency
Allison Diamond, Skipping into Fluency with Junie B. Jones


IV. Reading to Learn


Lessons for teaching summarization

Audrey Blair, Growing Tall With Summarization
Lindsey, Lauren. You Have Cat to be Kitten Me...Summary!

Sarah Price, Diving into Summarization
Olivia McKnight, Jumping through Summarization with Jackrabbits
Shelby Pickett, Brilliant Summarization with Beautiful Butterflies

Mary Margaret Beck, Piggies, Please… and Summaries 
Melissa Murphree, Run into Summarization!

Anna Kyser, Make It Rain with Summarization

Claire Koenig, Ready, Set, Summarize!

Bianca Davidson, Splashing With Alligators 
Rachel Smith, Set Sail to Learn
Jieun Lee, What in the World Did I Just Read?
Caroline Hall, Summarization Sleepover!
Rhiannon Akins, Scuba Diving with Sharks and Summarization
Ameshia Cleveland, Swallowing Up Summarization!

Megan Malone, Leaping Into Summarization 

Meri Hamilton, Summarization Under the Sea

Allison Diamond, Busy Sloths Crawling toward Summarization

Lessons for teaching visualization

Gabrielle Guyette, What Do You See