“Icky Sticky”

 Beginning Reading Design
Mareena Kohtala

To become fluent readers, children must be able to decode several correspondences. In this lesson, students will learn the i = /i/ correspondence. The students will learn to recognize the /i/ sound in spoken and written words.


Copy of Tin Man Fix-It book for each student, a large primary paper pad, another sheet of primary paper with the tongue twister on it “Is the important Indian inside the igloo?” Elkonin letter boxes, letters: [i, n, s, h, t, p, k, d, g, f, b, l, r ], primary paper, pencils.



  1. On the large primary paper pad write the letter i. “Today we are going to learn the sound that the letter i makes.”
  2. “Have you ever got something really sticky or gooey on your hands, like dough? Show students how you shake something sticky off your hands and say the /i/ sound. Have students repeat the /i/ sound while shaking their hand(s).
  3. Take out the sheet with the tongue twister on it. “This is a tongue twister with lots of /i/ sounds. I want you to listen the first time as I read it, and then read with me the second time. Don’t forget to shake that icky /i/ sound with your hands.” “Is the important Indian inside the igloo?” “Now lets read it again and don’t forget about your icky hands! “Iiis the iiimportant iindian iiinside the iiigloo?”
  4. “Lets practice listening for the /i/ sound in words. Can you shake your icky hands in these words? “ inside or outside. Tent or igloo. “Now you come up with words and we will check and see if we hear the icky sticky /i/ sound.” Have students give you words, write them down on the primary paper pad and then ask if they hear the sound in them.
  5. Now you will use the letterboxes. Put out two boxes. Model for the students how to spell it using the letterboxes and the phonemes in the spoken word. “Lets practice the word it together. Do we hear the icky sticky /i/ sound in it? Yes and it is the first sound we hear. So we put the letter i in the first box. What other sound do we hear in it? /t/ that is right. What letter makes the /t/ sound? Yes, so lets put the letter t in the second box. Now lets read the boxes together. Iiiiiittttttt. It. Have students spell the following words: 2: [in, is], 3: [hit, pin, kid], 4: [sink, gift], 5: [blink, split].
  6. Now we are going to read Tin Man Fix-it. This book is about a tin man named Tim that has an accident and needs to be fixed! Lets read and find out if someone can fix him! Read the book with students, having a group read one page at a time.
  7. Have each student write a message using words with the i sound.



            To assess students. Ask each student to spell a word for you individually. Listen for the student to sound out the sounds. Also, students will write messages using the /i/ sound. Evaluate writing samples to see if students have grasped the correspondence.



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