Lesson Designs for Explicit Teaching
Auburn University * December 2001


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I. Emergent Literacy
Ideas for teaching letter recognition
Beth Windham, Bubbly B's and Dull D's
Kelli Preston, The PBD Sandwich
Jennifer McClellan, Big Bellies and Dandy Duffs
Jaclyn Mitchell, Wacky W’s and Marvelous M’s
Ideas for teaching phoneme awareness
Kiri McFarland, Blowing Bubbles
Karah Copeland, Popcorn Please!
Cassidy Maxwell, Silly Snakes
Elizabeth DeHaye, I Heard a Snake . . .
Kimberly Hogan, H . . . H . . . Hammer
Marcia Burt, Allison the Picky Alligator
Laura Lansdon, Putt-Putt Old Car
Meagan Strider, Abby's Ants Eat Apples in Antarctica
Shanon Hendricks, The Big Bang
Candis Busby, Jim the Tin Man
Gary Speake, The Sneaky Slimy Snake Slowly Slithers Across The Silky Smooth Snow
Stephanie McCoy, Allie the Alligator
Mitzi Milam, Sh! Sh! Stop That Noise!
Marlee Davis, "Whaaa" Said the Baby
Ann Chance, Doc Says Open and Say Aaah!
Mark Gullion, Aunt Annie's Apples
Autmn Sims, /K/rash the Ball!
Joy Jones, Munchy Munchy Macaroni
Kelley Styles, La La La
Niketah Rice, Say /o/
Anna Palmer, Ollie the Octopus at the Opera
Ellen Spinks, Mmmm Mmmm Market Mondays
Devon Henderson, Gone Fishing
Lindsay Long, Pretty Please
Carmen Thrower, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm
Caty Flatt, Shhhh . . . Night Night!
Loren Cutcliffe, Things That Make  You Say Aaaa!
Jaclyn Kane, Falling and Yelling!
Brittany Walburg, This Activity Is "Mmm Mmm Good!"
Beverly Easterling, Ehhhh?  What Did You Say?
Terri Evers, Swing With Me!
Amber Mullinax, Excellent Eddie
Michelle Herring, Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch . . . Here Comes the Train!
Jeff Bryant, Annie Appleseed
Davis Brooks, Mmmm, Mac and Cheese!
Maryn Mason, Icky Mickey the Insect
Kevin Burke, The Chattering Choo-Choo
Mariah Hart, Happy Henry Is Hungry
Lori Brown, Slippery Snake
Brittany Walburg, Silly Tie Snakes
Catherine Kirsch, Adam the Alligator
Cynthia Kinsaul, Pink Pigs
Katy Locklin, Hot Dog!
Shaunita Strozier, The Crying Baby
Sara Brotherton, Shh! I'm Trying to Use the Phone!
Ginger Howell, Get Ticking
Ideas for teaching rhyming or concepts about print
Emmie Wayland, Fruit Break
Kellie Edberg, I Say You Say

II. Beginning Reading
Ideas for teaching decoding with short vowels
Kiri McFarland, Bob and the Frogs Hop on Logs
Meagan Strider, The Baby Is Crying
Gary Speake, Mickey and his Icky Stickies
Mitzi Milam, How 'Bout Them Apples?
Beth Windham, Icky Inchy the Inchworm
Ann Chance, When in Need . . . Waaa!
Mark Gullion, Icky Pig
Autmn Sims, Little Pig
Ellen Spinks, Who Can Sack Jack the Quarterback?
Caty Flatt, Aaaa . . . Choo!
Jeff Bryant, Incredible I!
Jaclyn Mitchell, Let's Begin
Ginger Howell, The Itchy, Stinky Pig
Ideas for teaching decoding with long vowels and vowel digraphs
Elizabeth DeHaye, Bully E
Kimberly Hogan, I Said a Boom Chicka Boom
Shanon Hendricks, Ow! That Hurt
Terri Evers, The Maid With the Braid
Michelle Herring, Green Weeds
Jennifer McClellan, A+ Readers
Lori Brown, Fishy Fish
Cynthia Kinsaul, Ssssshhhhh!
Katy Locklin, "OW" - O U Hurt Me!
Ideas for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Karah Copeland, Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom
Cassidy Maxwell, Shells on Shore
Niketah Rice, Cheddar Cheese, Please!
Marcia Burt, Ssssshhhhh!
Lindsay Long, Choo Choo
Laura Lansdon, Say Cheese!
Candis Busby, Quack Attack
Stephanie McCoy, Choo Choo!
Emmie Wayland, The Chattanooga Choo-Choo
Kelli Preston, Chilly Cherry Chow Down
Kelley Styles, Sh Sh Sh, the Baby Is Sleeping
Anna Palmer, Chug Chug Chug Goes the Train
Devon Henderson, Shhh! Quiet Down!
Carmen Thrower, Shhh, Shhh, Stop That Noise!
Loren Cutcliffe, Shhh . . . Dad Is Sleeping
Jaclyn Kane, Be Quiet!
Beverly Easterling, Kick That Stick and Make It Click
Amber Mullinax, Shhhhh . . . Sherri Shivers
Davis Brooks, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Choo Chooooooo!
Maryn Mason, Shhhhhhhhh . . .Shelly is Sleeping
Kevin Burke, Igga Bigga
Mariah Hart, That Thump
Catherine Kirsch, Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!
Shaunita Strozier, Attention:  Baby's Sleeping
Sara Brotherton, Boom, Boom, Boom
Ideas for teaching blending
Marlee Davis, Food for Fun
Joy Jones, A Sack Attack
Kellie Edberg, Roll the Dice Blending

III. Growing Independence & Fluency
Ideas for teaching faster reading
Karah Copeland, Reading Rapidly
Elizabeth DeHaye, Speed to Read
Shaunita Strozier, Faster, Faster, We Need a Master
Laura Lansdon, Let's Learn to Read Faster!
Shanon Hendricks, Ready, Set, Read!
Gary Speake, Adventures With Curious George
Mark Gullion, Read for Me!
Joy Jones, Just the Right Shoe
Niketah Rice, Lollipop
Devon Henderson, Speedy Reading
Carmen Thrower, Reading Speedway
Loren Cutcliffe, What Does He Get?
Jaclyn Kane, I Can Do It!
Beverly Easterling, Reading Race Against Time
Terri Evers, Practice Makes Perfect
Michelle Herring, Get Ready, Get Set . . . Read!
Kevin Burke, Tap Time Reading
Lori Brown, Reading:  The Race to Comprehension
Catherine Kirsch, Learning to Read With Jet Speed
Cynthia Kinsaul, Reading With Speed
Sara Brotherton, Ariba, Ariba!
Ginger Howell, On Your Mark, Get Set, Go
Ideas for teaching smoother or more expressive reading
Meagan Strider, Show Some Emotion!
Candis Busby, Jazz It Up
Stephanie McCoy, I Have Expression Within Me!
Mitzi Milam, Where the Wild Things Are!
Beth Windham, A Mouth That Moves Fast
Emmie Wayland, Make a Face
Ann Chance, Let's Express Ourselves!
Kelli Preston, It's Fun to be Fluent!
Autmn Sims, Express Yourself!
Kelley Styles, Flying With Fluency
Anna Palmer, Express Effects
Ellen Spinks, Exercising Expression
Caty Flatt, Express Yourself!
Brittany Walburg, Put on the Pizzazz
Jeff Bryant, I Can Read!
Davis Brooks, Expression!
Maryn Mason, Bang Went the Book
Kiri McFarland, Oooops!
Katy Locklin, We Need Expression!
Ideas for teaching silent reading
Marlee Davis, Fluency Frenzy
Lindsay Long, Quiet as a Mouse
Kellie Edberg, Constant Crosschecking
Brittany Walburg, Silence Is Superb
Amber Mullinax, Reading in my Head
Mariah Hart, Let's Be Loud . . . Now Let's Be Silent
Ideas for teaching children to read voluntarily and avidly
Cassidy Maxwell, Reading Stars
Marcia Burt, I Can Read on My Own
Jennifer McClellan, You Be the Teacher!
Jaclyn Mitchell, Reading is Fun

IV. Reading to Learn
Ideas for teaching summarization
Kiri McFarland, Story Summarization
Elizabeth DeHaye, Putting Out the Trash
Kellie Edberg, It's Raining Meatballs
Kimberly Hogan, Make It Short, Sweet, and To the Point
Meagan Strider, Important Information!
Mitzi Milam, Sum It Up!
Beth Windham, Learning to Remember and Loving to Read
Emmie Wayland, Short and Sweet
Marlee Davis, A Web of History
Ann Chance, Let Me Tell You What's Important!
Kelli Preston, It's Super to Summarize!
Mark Gullion, What Am I Reading?
Autmn Sims, What's the Main Idea?
Joy Jones, Remembering Reptiles
Kelley Styles, Don't Memorize:  Summarize!
Niketah Rice, What's Important and Why?
Ellen Spinks, So, What's It All About?
Devon Henderson, Read and Summarize!
Carmen Thrower, Super Summarizers
Caty Flatt, Successful Summarization
Loren Cutcliffe, Special Friends
Jaclyn Kane, What Did I Just Read?
Beverly Easterling, Courage Like No Other
Davis Brooks, Removing the 'Junky' Words
Katy Locklin, Let's Learn to Summarize!
Jaclyn Mitchell, Let's Summarize
Ginger Howell, What's the Main Idea?
Lori Brown, Learning Reading Comprehension
Anna Palmer, Lots of Learning
Ideas for teaching visualization
Cassidy Maxwell, I Can See It Now!
Terri Evers, Elephant Artist
Marcia Burt, Use Your Mind to Make Mental Images
Lindsey Long, Imagine This
Jennifer McClellan, What Do You See?
Sara Brotherton, I'm As Quiet As Can Be
Ideas for teaching children about story grammar
Amber Mullinax, Reading to Remember
Laura Lansdon, Remembering What We Read
Shanon Hendricks, Reading to Learn!
Stephanie McCoy, Let's Understand What's Going On!
Michelle Herring, We Can Comprehend!
Maryn Mason, Read and Remember
Ideas for teaching children to ask or answer questions
Shaunita Strozier, Comprehending Is Important, Too!
Jeff Bryant, Comprehending What We Read!
Catherine Kirsch, The Five W's of Reading
Gary Speake, The Infamous W Gang and Lonely H
Mariah Hart, Let's Put This in our Memory Banks
Ideas for teaching other comprehension strategies
Karah Copeland, Reading Comprehension
Cynthia Kinsaul, Remember What You Read
Kevin Burke, Quiet!  I'm Trying to Read!
Candis Busby, Read It Again, Sam