Put on the Pizzazz
Beginning Reading
Brittany Walburg

Rationale:  Many children are so focused on reading the words correctly, that they fail to recognize the action in stories.  Adding pizzazz to the reading keeps the story interesting and enjoyable for the children.

Materials:  Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

1. Introduce the book by saying, "Boys and girls, today we are going to read Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom! It is a fun book, so we are going to read this with a lot of enthusiasm and pizzazz!  Does anyone know what pizzazz means?  It means with a lot of energy and using an exciting voice to excite others."  The teacher should be enthusiastic and ready to motivate the children.  "First, I am going to read the book without showing a lot of energy."  The teacher reads the book in a monotone voice. "Was that very exciting?  No, I almost fell asleep!  I do not want anyone to fall asleep while I am reading this book.  Now I am going to read the book with pizzazz or lots of energy and I want you to shout 'Chicka, chicka boom boom' when we come to that part.  Is everyone ready?  Here we go!"
2. If students already know the story, ask them to read along with you.  "Boys and girls, if you know the words to the story, please read along with me.  If you are not sure of the words, shout loudly as the letters fall down.  I want to hear everyone throughout the story."  Students may also clap while they are saying "their part."
3. For an art activity, the teacher can make a large palm tree out of construction paper and tape it to the wall near the reading corner.  Have students help cut out pre-traced letters.  These will be your letters for the tree.
4. Assuming that art is before your reading time, hand out the letters to the child.  Each child may be responsible for 2-3 letters.  Begin reading the book and as each letter falls off the tree, have the designated student(s) drop their letters.  Then, have all the students shout "Chicka, chicka boom boom" and race to put the letters back on the tree.
5. Call on volunteers to read the story to the class.  "I want my helpers to read this with a loud voice and pizzazz so the students do not fall asleep."
6. For assessment, the teacher will encourage the children to read all books in the future with emotion, "Remember to put pizzazz in your voice!"

References:  http://www.auburn.edu/rdggenie/

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