Sh Sh Sh   The Baby is Sleeping


 Beginning Reading
 Kelley Styles

Rational:         For children to read and spell words, they first need to be able to recognize letters, once they have conquered this task they move onto phoneme blends and digraphs.  Digraphs contain two or more letters and are combined to form on mouth movement.  In this lesson my class will be learning the digraph /sh/.  By the end of this lesson my class should be able to read and spell words that contain the phoneme /sh/.  They will participate in and complete activities which will increase their knowledge of /sh/ and then be assessed on what all they have learned.

Materials:         White board, dry erase markers, chant  Sh!Sh! Stop that Noise, book Mrs. Wishy Washy by Joy Cowly, paper and pencil, and worksheet for assessment containing words that contain /sh/ .

Procedures:     (1)   Class we are going to learn the phoneme /sh/.  Like when a baby is sleeping you say Sh Sh The baby is sleeping. When you say /sh/, you should be making a fish face with your teeth together while you breath out.  Let's try it Sh!  Wonderful, you all did great!

                             (2) Introduce the lesson by saying the chant Sh! Sh! Stop that Noise.   Class we are going to say the chant Sh! Sh! Stop that Noise.  Every time you hear the phoneme /sh/, put your finger in front of your mouth and say Sh!

                              (3) To practice the /sh/ we are going to work on the board.  I am going to draw boxes on the board (Elkonin boxes), then I will tell you a word if you know where each phoneme goes, raise your hand I will call on you and you will take a dry erase marker and put the letters in the correct boxes.  If you have it correct, the class will say Sh!  If not, someone else will have a try.  Example: 3 boxes and the word fish in the 1st box the letter "f", in the 2nd box the letter "i" and the 3rd box the letters "sh".

                              (4) Now I am going to read the book Mrs. Wishy Washy, Every time you hear the /sh/ put your finger over your mouth and say Sh!

                              (5) Now , we are going to write a silly story.  In your story include the words: fish, dish, wish, shout, shake, and shark, when you write a word with the /sh/ you need to underline it.  Remember to use your best handwriting!  When everyone is finished, we will share them and then display them in the hall.

For assessment:  Now you can practice on your own I will hand you a worksheet that will have several pictures on it.  If it contains the phoneme /sh/ write the name of the picture under the picture such as dish and then circle the sh in the word.


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