Shaunita Strozier
Beginning Reading

Attention:  Baby's Sleeping

Rationale:  The purpose of this lesson is to teach children the /sh/ sound and to blend phonemes together to form words.  Once they have mastered blending, they can develop their reading ability in recognizing hard words.  Blending is a hard skill to learn but is needed to help unlock the word of reading.

Materials:  Board and chalk, Shan, Sharon, and Shaunita went to shop for shoes written on the board, Construction paper and crayons (enough for the class), a baby doll, pieces of Velcro (enough for the class), Each child need to have their own Elkonian boxes and letters:  sh, o, p, e, w, i, f, b, r, d, and u, Shoe Man (enough for the class), and a handout with a picture of a fish, dog, cat, ship, shoe, sock, brush, and comb (have enough for the class). Enough copies of the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

1. Introduce the lesson by explaining that sometimes letters combine to make one sound.  "Today, we are going to learn the /sh/ sound.  To make the /sh/ sound you combine the s and the h together.  This is the mom make when a baby is sleeping and your mom does not want you to wake the baby.

2. Let us pretend that the baby in my arms is a real baby.  The baby is sleeping, and we have to be very quiet.  Everybody say /sh/.  The class responds /sh/.  Great job class.  What are the letters that make up the /sh/ sound?  Class responds s h.

3. Lets try the tongue twister on the board.  Shan, Sharon, and Shaunita went to shop for shoes.  Can you repeat the tongue twister with me?  Class responds.  This time we are going to hold out the ssshhh because we do not want to wake the baby.  SSShhhan, SSShhharon, and SSShhhaunita went to ssshhhop for ssshhhoes.  Nice work class.

4. Have the class take out the their Elkonian boxes and their letters.  Teacher says:  Now we are going to spell the word brush.  I will place the letter I thin will make up brush on the board.  I think brush is spelled:  B r u s h.  Make sure they understand.  Do another example with shut. Make sure that all students have all the letters:  sh, o, p, e, w, i, f, b, r, u. d, and t Have the students spell out the words:  shop, wish, ship, dish, push, and fish.  Walk around the class to check for trouble.  Then write the words on the boards and have the students say the words aloud blending the phonemes to make one word.

5. Call on students to answer the following questions:  Do you hear /sh/ in shirt or sat? Wish or kiss?  Sock or shoes? Brush or comb?

6. Students are to read the Shoe Man at their desks. They are to right down any words that makes the /sh/ sound. Walk around to check for understanding and answer any questions. List the words on the board after the student has finished reading.

7. Have the students write a word with the /sh/ sound on construction paper.  Have them Velcro it to the baby.  Display the baby with all the /sh/ words in the room.

8. Assessment:  Give each student the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.  Have them to write down all the words that have ssshhh sound.


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