Ellen Spinks
Emergent Literacy

Mmmm Mmmm Market Mondays

Rationale:  It is very important for children to learn letters so that they can may certain phonemes.  Before children can many certain phonemes they must first be able to identify the phoneme.  My lesson will help children recognize /m/ in words.  When the lesson is complete, children will have no problems recognizing /m/ in spoken words.  They will realize this by separating the /m/ from the rest of the word. The children should also be able to recognize the /m/ in print, by learning the letter symbol.

Materials:  Primary paper and pencil; chart with "Marty Mouse makes muffins to sell at the market on Mondays", mouse puppet, mouse noses, posters with mouse and rat, worksheet with pictures.

1. I will introduce the lesson by talking about the letters of the alphabet.  We will list the letters and discuss the fact that all letters have special sounds.  Some of the letters even have more than one sound.  Today we are going to talk about the /m/ sound.  Can everyone say /m/?  That's great!  Now we are going to put on our special listening ears and try to hear the /m/ sound.  We will then practice writing the letter what makes the /m/ sound which is m.

2. Lets try this tongue twister (I will have the tongue twister on the chart) "Marty Mouse makes muffins to sell at the market on Mondays."  Let's try that all together this time.  That was good.  Let's do it again, only this time I want us to stretch out the /m/ at the beginning of the words.  "Mmmarty Mmmouse mmmakes mmmuffins to sell at the mmmarket on Mmmondays."  Okay, you guys are doing great!  Once more, only this time lets try to break off the /m/: "/m/ arty /m/ ouse /m/ akes /m/ uffins to sell at the
      /m/ arket on /m/ ondays."  Good job.

3. Now Marty Mouse is going to help us say some words.  When he says the words that have /m/ them he stretches the /m/ out like this mmmonkey.  Now lets listen to Marty Mouse and then we can repeat the words that he says.  You can put your mouse nose on to practice just like Marty does. (use the puppet and the mouse noses)

4. You guys are really catching on.  Now I want you to take out your writing paper and pencil.  We are going to practice writing the letter that makes the /m/ sound, which is the m.  To make a lower case m we are going to start at the fence, go down the sidewalk, back up to the fence and make a curve, then down to the sidewalk, back up to the fence and make a curve then down to the sidewalk.  I am going to look at everyone's m.  After I give you a star, I want you to make a row of m's just like that one.

5. I am going to give everyone a poster with a mouse on one side and a rat on the other.  I am going to say some words.  If you hear the /m/ sound show me the mouse.  If not show me the ugly rat!  Ready?  Match or fire? Dog or mutt?  Mommy or Daddy?

6. Read The Country Mouse and the City Mouse and talk about the stories.  Have the children pick a word that has the /m/ sound to share with the class.  Have them write a message about their favorite place. They may use inventive spelling.  I will display this work.

7. For assignment I will have a worksheet with groups of pictures. One will have the /m/ sound and the other will not.  They will color the picture with the /m/ sound.

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