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Growing Independence and Fluency

Adventures With Curious George

Rationale: After children have learned how to decode text, it is important for them to keep reading so that their reading will become more fluent each time they read. By the end of second grade most students can read but their reading is not fluent, fast, or expressive. This lesson is designed to encourage students to read so that their reading will become fluent, faster and more expressive however the first two items are more important than expressiveness.

1. I will introduce the lesson by telling the students that they will read books about "Curious George". I will tell them that "Curious George" and his friend the "man in the yellow hat" have fun adventures in there community and that they express themselves to other people in their community just like we do in class everyday.
2. I will explain to the students that by reading more they will read more fluently and when they try to read with expression it will help them understand more about the stories that they read. Practicing reading will help them read quicker and be able to read more books and take all the adventures with "Curious George" as well as other adventures they could find out about in different books.
3. I will model hoe to read fluently by reading them one of the Curious George" books. I will read the book smoothly, at a relatively fast pace, and with expression. Hopefully, the students will try to imitate my reading style thereby improving their own reading style.
4. Now I will let the students pick a Curious George "book to read in groups of two or three. Each child will read a few pages to the other children in the group.
5. For assessment I will do timed readings while each child is reading to find out how many words per minute they read as well as listen for individual expressiveness. Expressiveness will be heavily praised, as it will enhance the enjoyment of the listeners and the reader.
6. As a follow-up to this lesson, after each group has completed all the Curious George series of books, I will introduce the students to other grade level books at the library so that they can check out interesting books and continue to share what they have read with their classmates.

Reference: Marilyn Adams. Beginning To Read 1990. Center for the Study of Reading.

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