Chilly Cherry Chow Down

By: Kelli Preston

Rationale:  To learn to read and spell words, children need to know that certain combinations of letters stand for certain vocal gestures.  This lesson will help children to recognize the phoneme /ch/ in written and spoken words and to recognize that the letters ch = /ch/.  They will learn this through letterbox lessons and through some reading.

Materials:  Poster with “ Chilly Cherries chomp when you chew them for lunch”; Elkonin letterbox set for each child, letters c,h,i,n,p,e,w,a,d,m,u,l;  large laminated Elkonin letterbox for teacher; copies of A Peach for Chad.  Crayons, page with pictures of a peach, chest, chips, chimp, leg, man, and cat on it.

1. I would begin by writing the letters c and h on the board.  Sometimes, boys and girls, we can combine two letters together to make a special sound.  Can anybody tell me what sound these two letters make when we combine them (refer to “ch” on the board). Can everyone make this sound with his or her mouth (/ch/)? Good, like a choo choo train, /ch/ /ch/ /ch/ /ch/, /ch/ /ch/ /ch/ /ch/.  Good job!  Does anybody hear the sound /ch/ in the word “chin”.  Do you hear it at the beginning or the end of the word?  What other sounds do you hear in the word “chin”? (Model on board as children sound out /ch/ for ch, /i/ for I and /n/ for n).  Good, lets try to find /ch/ in some more words.

2. Do you hear /ch/ in word cherry or berry? In bunch or book? In chip or dog?

3. Now let’s follow along with our silly sentence and see if we hear some words with /ch/ in them.  Good- chilly, cherries, chomp, chew and lunch.

4. Demonstrate with large letterbox how to spell words.  We are now going to spell some words that have /ch/ in them by using our letterboxes.  Each box stands for one sound.  Does that mean each box has only one letter in it. No, that’s right, sometimes; two letters can make one sound.  Let’s spell the word inch.  The first sound I hear in the word inch is /i/, so I’m going to put the letter I in the first letterbox.  What sound do you hear next, “inch”, that’s right, /n/, so I will put the letter n in the next letterbox.  What sound do you hear last in the word inch? That’s right, the /ch/ sound.  How many letters do we use for the sound /ch/, two, right, c and h.  Good, now I want you to try some with your letterboxes.

5. Pass out materials for letterbox lesson.  Instruct children how many letterboxes the children will need for each word, and walk around and observe as children are asked to spell chew, chip, chin, Chad, much, chimp and lunch. (Chew, chip, chin, and Chad need 3 letterboxes, and chimp and lunch need 4.)

7. For assessment, Have children come up to the teacher's table in groups of three to read A Peach for Chad.  Let each child read a page. Children who aren't reading fkor assesment will sit at their desk and work on a picture page.  Have the students color each picture that has the sound /ch/ in the spelling.


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