Read and Remember
                                             Design By: Maryn Mason
                                                   Reading to Learn

Rational: An important part of learning to read is for children to understand and comprehend what exactly they are reading. They may be able to read every word in a text, although not be able to understand its meaning. The purpose of this activity is to help children read to fully comprehend and also be able to answer the five "W's" (Who, What, When, Where, and Why)". This activity will build children's confidence when reading and allow them to comprehend what they read by defining the story grammar questions.

Materials: Chalk to write the Five "W" questions on the board, enough copies of "Angelina on Stage" for the entire class to have their own, each individual student's favorite reading book, and 10 pieces of paper with the five "W" questions written on each at the top EXP:( 2~ Who, 2~What, 2~When, 2~Where, and 2~Why, and crayons for each child in class.


#1. I will introduce this lesson by explaining to the students that: "In order to understand a book you read, you have to read it carefully and be able to answer five questions that start with the letter "W"(Who, What, When, Where, and Why). "Who" stands for the characters in the story, "What" stands for the action that takes place in the story, "When" stands for the time the story took place, "Where" stands for the place the action happens, and "Why" stands for why the action took place.

#2. As a class we will then all read "Angelina on Stage" using the popcorn method so all the students will get a chance to read aloud. I will say "Class, we are now going to read "Angelina on Stage" I want you all too really pay attention so you can participate in the activity we will do after we finish reading this book."

#3. After we read the book, each student will take out their five pieces of paper individually labeled with each "W" (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) and their crayons. I will tell the students to draw the answer on each piece of paper as it relates to "Angelina on Stage." I will also tell them to write a sentence at the bottom of each piece of paper that explains what the picture stands for in the story. I will allow 15 min for this learning activity. This activity will reinforce understanding and comprehension as well as be a fun learning activity.

#4. I will then divide the chalkboard into the five "W's" and draw the answers underneath, allowing the whole class to view the correct comprehension questions.

#5. I will then tell the class: "I am giving you 20 more min. to read your favorite book and draw five more pictures answering the five W questions relating the pictures to your favorite book. I will be coming around to each of you to see if you understand the meaning of your book by drawing the correct pictures. Also write a sentence below your picture to explain what the question is answering."

For assessment, I will go around to each childs desk and view their individual drawings and sentences. I will have them explain the meaning of their favorite book through this method. This assessment will enable me to see which students understand the books they read.

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