Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!
by Catherine Kirsch
Beginning Reading

 Rationale:  To learn to spell children must first be able to recognize digraphs.  In this lesson I will focus on the digraph /ch/.  I will teach children to recognize /ch/ in written and spoken words, and practice findings /ch/ in words.

Materials:  primary paper, pencils, a poster with "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!", the book Chip Get a Dog, and picture pages with chips, apple, cherries, hat, chocolate, bee, change (money), cab

1. Introduce the diagraph /ch/ by having the students practice saying /ch/ into their hands and feeling how their breath feels against their hands.  Then I will have them practice saying /ch/ in front of one another to see the shape their mouths make.
2. Ask students:  Have you ever heard a train passing by and went "Chugga Chugga"?  Well that the /ch/ sound is in chugga is the sound we are going to practice today.
3. Then I will ask the students if they hear /ch/ in church or house?  Chicken or turkey?  Broccoli or Chocolate?  Cherry or apple?  Dollars or change?
4. I will present my poster that says "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!" and have the students recite the tongue twister "Chase eats chips and chocolate on the choo choo train."  After saying it once the students will then say it again emphasizing on the /ch/ sound.
5. Have the students take out their primary paper and pencils have them practice writing the c and the h to make the /ch/ sound.  Begin just below the fence and start to draw a circle up to the fence line on the left side and down to the sidewalk, and then stop right above the sidewalk on the right side.  Next for the h, draw a straight up and down line from the rooftop to the sidewalk, and then bounce back up to the fence and make a hump going back down to the sidewalk.  As soon as the students make a good ch I will give them a sticker and tell them to make a row of ch's.  I will remind the students that whenever they see the letters ch together they make the sound /ch/.
6. The students will read Chip Gets a Dog aloud, and say choo choo and pretend to be pulling the train whistle when they hear the /ch/ sound.
7. For assessment, I will hand out the picture pages and have the students identify the words that have the /ch/ sound in them.

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