Remember What You Read
     Cynthia Kinsaul

Rationale:  Children need to understand the different parts of written texts to improve reading comprehension.  These different parts include vocabulary, story grammar, summarization, and story structure.  It is important that children understand the meaning behind what they are reading.  This lesson design will address all of the mentioned aspects of reading written text to help improve comprehension.

Materials: age appropriate chapter book for each child, crayons, coloring paper, notebook paper, pencil, dry erase board

1. The teacher will review silent reading.  "Class, does anyone remember how to read silently?"  "Why is it so important to read silently?"  Today we are going to read a book silently then we will come together as a group and discuss the book that we have all read.  Before we begin reading our books lets talk about some ideas that we can do to help us understand what we are reading.  We can look for vocabulary words, chapter summaries of what we read, and we can answer some questions about what we read.  Drawing pictures about what we have read may also help us remember what we read.
2. The teacher passes out the books to the students and instructs them to begin reading.  While they are reading they should look for words that they don not understand and write down the word for a vocabulary lesson.
3. As the students finish they can sit at their desk and draw a picture about what they read.  When all of the students have completed the assignment, they will come together as a group to discuss the reading.
4. The students will have the opportunity to share the vocabulary words they came across.  The teacher will write the words on the board and as a group a definition will be made.
5. The teacher will ask a series of questions to the class about what they read.  These questions could lead into further discussions.
6. At the end of the discussion each child will take his/her turn showing their picture to the class and telling about it.  This will also help the students understand and remember what they have read.  The pictures will be hung up around the room for future reference.

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