The Itchy Stinky Pig!
Rationale: In learning to read, a child must have knowledge in two main areas: letter recognition and phonemic awareness. Also, short vowels are the hardest to learn because, unlike long vowels, short vowels do not have the sound of saying their name. This lesson will teach the phoneme /i/ and model how to recognize it not only in spoken words, but also in written words as well. This lesson will also practice the different reactions with /i/.
Materials: Primary paper and pencil, letter boxes and letters (i, p, Ii, s, t, r, 1,1, n, g), Tin Man. Fix-It (Dr. Bruce’s room), index cards with letterbox words from this book written on them, bowl and words to be drawn.
1. We all know the letters that make up the alphabet, the hard part is learning and
 remembering the mouth moves for each letter. Today we will review the letter i and
 talk about its short vowel sound (/i/).
2. “We have all sung the song The Itsy Bitsy Spider!  Well, today we will say The Itchy
Stinky Pig! We replace spider with pig because the letter i in pig says /i/ instead of the /i/ in spider. Everyone say itchy stinky pig with me and listen to the /i/ sound as you say it.”
3. Let’s start with three boxes and the word ‘pig’. Remember each box gets only one          phoneme. Do you hear the three phonemes? Right, /p/ /i/ /g/. Now we will get a little bit trickery, with the word ‘pick’. We still only need three letterboxes because of the three phonemes in pick, /p/ /i/ /k/.”
4. “I will get out the letterboxes and the letters: i, h, s, t, r, p, 1,1, n, g, and m. When I
say the words you spell them out in the appropriate letterboxes. We will start with 2 boxes and the word, ‘in’, and finish up with 5 letterboxes with words such as ‘sprint’.”  I will observe the student as I continue to have him spell out these words: his, tin, trim, grin, spill and print.
5. We are going to draw words out of the bowl and practice reading them, saying them, and then you are going to write them down on your paper.
6.  “We are about to read Tin Man Fix-It. Tim is a tin man who has a friend named Jim. Jim is good at fixing things. While Tim and Jim are planting a garden, Tim gets hurt.  Let’s see how Tim got hurt and if Jim can fix him! As we read, look for the words with the /i/ sound.
7.  “Let’s all write a sentence about one of our friends!  Include at least one word with the /i/ sound.”
Murray, B. A. and Lesniak, T. The Letterbox Lesson: a hands-on approach for leaching decoding. The Reading
    Teacher, 52, 644-50.

Tin Man Fix-It. Carson, CA, Educational Insights.
Ginger Howell
Beginning Reading

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