Swing With Me!
Beginning Reading
Terri Evers

*Rationale: In order for reading to be successful students must be able to blend. Beginning readers should be able to blend the vowels and consonants. The goal of this lesson is to make blending fun for students.

*Materials: large poster with a swing in the park on it (be creative and do it yourself and it is nice if this is laminated up on the wall), blue cards for consonants (bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz), red cards for the vowel (short) sounds, tape and book that has “vowel” song on it and, worksheet: b_d write the words your class did like this and have students fill in vowel.

*Procedures: 1.) Point out the vowels in the alphabet, and explain that most of the time all the other letters are consonants.
        2.) Sing the “vowel” song: I like to eat, eat, eat epples, and benenes. I like to ote, ote, ote, opples and bononos. Etc…(fill in using each vowel)
         3.) Now take the blue and red cards with the vowels and consonants already written on them to do the following story----- *Say: The alphabet sounds are out at P.E. Many of the sounds want to go for a swing. (Be standing beside the swing poster) The consonants (blue cards) are very brave they like to swing, but many of the vowels are very scared. While at the swing one day “b”(use sound) said to “e”(long), “lets swing together” “e” said, “no I am scared.” “B” begged “e” to swing. “B” told “e” “I will be right beside you.” So “e” decided to swing.
       4.) Next place the “b” card to push the swing (tape or Velcro to the poster) have students say “b” and “e” (be) Now have “d” waiting to catch “e” now sound all letters “bed” The sounds now made “bed” Continue with various words. Let students pick words (3 letter words are easiest to demonstrate using swinging sounds).

*Reference: Beth Grantham, Ozarks Early Childhood Center Ozark, AL, 1st grade, 1998.

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