KiCK that stiCK and make it cliCK!
By Beverly Easterling
Beginning Reader's Lesson Design

Rationale:  To learn to read and spell words, children need to understand that diagraphed letters can make just one sound.  This kids need to be able to recognize and internalize these consonant pairs. This lesson will help children identify the /CK/ sound.  They will be able to read, write, and speak letters with these letter symbols.

Materials:  sentence strip with "TiCKing, CliCKing cloCKs and kiCK balls taste iCKy to chiCKens!"; primary paper and pencil; cloCK, kiCK ball, stuffed animal, plastic chiCKens, box, Ugly DuCKling, by Hans Christian Anderson, Harvard Publishing; plate, camera, leaf.

Procedures:  1.  Begin the lesson by telling the class that words are made up of individual sounds--and some sounds group together to make one sound.  It is almost like magic.  Do you like magic?  Well, this is a neat triCK where two letters make one sound like one!  Here we go!

2. Pull out the cloCK.  Ask children what kind of noise the cloCK makes.  Right!  TiCK, tiCK, tiCK….etc.  The last two letters (hold up the word tiCK) make one sound.  Can you make just that sound?  "/CK/"….great job!  It sounds like there are so many cloCKs in here!

3. Have students get out primary paper and pencil.  A "C" is like a circle that is missing a small part.  Place your pencil 1/2 between the sidewalk and the fence.  Draw up to the fence around the sidewalk, and just a little bit up the fence.  Leave enough room for a tiny kiCK ball to roll though it. Now everyone practice making a "c" on your paper.  Raise your hand after you make the best "c" that you can and I will come by and put a stiCKer on your paper.  After you get one stiCKer, make six more "c"s . Now let's make a "k" so we will have our two letters diagraphed together. Start at the roof and go all the way down to the sidewalk.  Then piCK up your pencil and put it right on the fence. Make a sideways "v" on your straight line and, look! You have a "k".  Practice writing "k"s on your paper and when you make your best one, raise your hand and I'll come by and put a kiCKball stamp on your paper.

4. This is going to be a fun and silly game.  I have a box full of different things.  When I pull our something I will tell you what it is. If you hear the diagraph /CK/ then I want you to "quaCK like a duCK", but if you don't hear it….then stay super quiet!  Model activity for the class.

5. Read Ugly DuCKling.

6. On the chalkboard write down all the words that the kids find in the book that has the /CK/ diagraph in it.  Then, with those words, have them help you write a new story with those words in it.

7. Have students piCK a favorite scene from the new silly  /CK/ story and have them draw a picture from that particular scene.  Display projects on the bulletin board under the sentence "KiCK that stiCK and make it cliCK!"

Reference:  (Mary Rouse--AU student)

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