Marlee Davis
Growing Independence and Fluency

Fluency Frenzy

Rationale:  Comprehension and fluency are two necessary tools for reading. If a child is to become a fluent reader, he must learn to read faster and more smoothly. Children also must learn to read with expression. The goal of this lesson is to increase reading fluency by encouraging sight recognition and rereading of text. Children enjoy reading a whole lot more when they are able to read fluently. Children must first learn to recognize sight words and practice reading and rereading decodable texts.

Materials:  Index card with sight word for each child, Text of Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin and published by Simon & Schuster, Westport, CT,  Overhead with the words to be sung to the tune "The Wheels on the Bus" on transparencies ("The sounds in the word say /c/ /a/ /t/, /c/ /a/ /t/, /c/ /a/ /t/), Tape player, Tape with the story "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss

1. I will begin the lesson by talking about how we become skilled readers. I will explain to the children that they must become fluent readers to become skilled readers. They must be told that before they can become fluent readers they must learn to blend words and also recognize sight words. I will review sight recognition and blending.

2. I will give each child an index card with one word on it. The word given will be a sight word that they should have in their word wall dictionaries, which they keep in their desks. I will play a story on tape for the class and I will have them listen to the story and hold up their card when they hear their word. I will assess them by observing when they hold up their cards.

3. The children will now practice blending skills by singing the song, "The Letters In the Word" ("The Wheels On the Bus"). We will sing this over and over using words like cat, ham, cot, box, etc. ("The sounds in the word say /c/ /a/ /t/, /c/ /a/ /t/, /c/ /a/ /t/),

4. The class will now read a story. They will read, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom because they should all know this story. I will have the words on transparencies to use on the overhead projector. I will give a short book talk, "The letters of the alphabet all do funny things in this story. Letís see what they do." I will fist model reading to the students. I will point to the words on the transparency as I read. After I read one or two sentences, they will read it to me (One sentence at a time.) After we have gone through the whole text, I will have the students reread the text. We will keep discussion going throughout the text to ensure ongoing comprehension.

5. Students will go to the library and choose a book of their own. We will spend the rest of the time partner reading and sharing our books. Each of them will be asked to read a little of their book to me. This will allow me to note miscues and keep track of their reading speed. This will let me know how their fluency is improving.

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