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The two keys to reading are comprehension and fluency.  In order to read fluency a child must be able to read faster, smoother, and more expressively.  Learning to decode enables children to improve sight recognition.  This progress in sight recognition will encourage fluency.  Becoming a fluent reader makes reading much more enjoyable for children.  However, in order for children to become fluent readers they must first learn to recognize sight words and practice reading and rereading decodable texts.

Index cards with for sight words for each child, overhead with the words to a song that is sung to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus with different blending sounds, the words to There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly on overhead sheets

1) I will begin by telling the class that there are lots of different kinds of words.  Some of them we blend the sounds to understand and some of them we just know because we have seen them so many times and they are called sight words.  Learning these different kinds of words is how we become fluent readers.
2) I will give each of the students in the class an index card with a sight word printed on it.  I will read a story that includes these words and when they hear it they should hold up their card.  This words will also appear on the word wall in the classroom.  I will show the pages and text of the book so that the children can see as well as hear the word.
3) We will practice singing The Wheels on the Bus to remember the tune.  Then I will tell them that we are going to change the words and sing- The letters in a word go d-o-g, d-o-g, d-o-g, The letters in a word go d-o-g and the word is dog.  I will repeat using other three letter words and then practice using phonemes instead of the letter names.  The sounds of the word go /c/-/a/-/t/·.
4) I will put the first page of There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly on the overhead and ask the children what they think is happening.  This is called taking a book walk.  We will then read the words of the page and see if the children understand what is happening.  We will do this with each page to see how well the children are comprehending.
5) I will ask the children to select a book to read silently.  I will come around and do running records while the children read to me.

There was an Old Women Who Swallowed a Fly by Simms Taback
Reading Genie Web sight

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