Jeff Bryant
Comprehension and Fluency

Comprehending What We Read!!

Rationale:  Students read more and come in contact with unfamiliar concepts and new vocabulary the older they get.  Students must use comprehension strategies to discern these unfamiliar concepts. One comprehension strategy that children can use is question- answering strategies.  The strategy will help students comprehend what they are reading from the text.

Materials:  text: Intergrated Science 5 Houghton Mifflin 1992, paper, pencil.

1. “Does anyone know what comprehend means? This is remembering what you read, today we are going to learn a strategy that will help you comprehend easier.”
2. “This strategy is called the question-answer strategy. It is like summarization.  Remember summarization was asking ourselves questions about what we were reading and then found the main idea of the passage.”
3. “Everyone look at you Intergrated Science book.  Read the passage about Force in Unit 2: Types of Forces.”
4. “Now let’s talk about the passage and about question-answering strategies.”  We will talk about what the students read in the Forces section of their text. I will explain question-answering strategies.  “The questions at the end of the section help us remember information from the text. It may help to look back at the section in order to us to answer the questions correctly, because all of the answers are in the section. Everyone look back and answer the first question on your own.”
5. After all the children have answered the question, I will make sure their answers are correct and instruct them to answer the rest of the questions using the same strategy.
6. I will observe the students as they use the question-answer strategy.  The student’s papers will be collected and graded for correct answers.

Reference: text: Intergrated Science 5 Houghton Mifflin 1992.

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