Sara Brotherton

                                                            CTRD 6700

                                                            Lesson Design


                                                            And Fluency

                              ARIBA ARIBA!!


      When children learn to read they should do so with fluency which is reading faster, more expressively and having a goal of reading silently.  In this lesson we will be reading and rereading for that is one main approach for reading more fluently. It is also important that we as teachers keep encouraging these students and let them know that we know this is difficult for them.


      cardboard cutout of a mouse with everyone’s name on it, chart with illustrations of cheese and times to be able to be recorded, dry erase markers.  Everyone was instructed to bring their favorite book from home or have checked it out from library. stopwatch, Primary paper, pencil.


1.    Ok.. Does everyone have a book to read? Great!First I just want to remind you of what to do when you come across a word you do not recognize. Right we look at the vowel first and cover up all the other letters with our hands, then add the end and the beginning. 

2.  Now, I want everyone to look at their chart for their group. Does everyone see a mouse with their name on it? Good! Now, I want you to read the book aloud to your partner and I want your partner to time you and when you have finished reading to them, they stop the stopwatch.  If you beat the time that you read the book before, you move your mouse closer to the cheese, if not then you move it backwards.Remember to write your times down!

3.  (Pass out primary paper and pencil). Now, that we have all timed ourselves. I am going to let you create a new ending to your story, but first I want you to write down all the main characters in your story and a little bit about what your story was about.When you have finished writing your ending get back in your group and read your version to your partner. 

4 For their assessment I will be walking around writing down the times that they have written on their chart. I will noting which book they are reading and if the times are getting better or worse. I will keep a running record. 



                  Lauren Buck, Reading Racetrack


                  Shannon Ashworth, FYI


                  Heather Brady, Get Ready for the Reading Race!