Sara Brotherton

                                                                                                                        CTRD 6700

                                                                                                                        Lesson Design

                                                                                                                        Emergent Reading

                                    SHH! I’M TRYING TO USE THE PHONE!


            When children learn to read they need to understand that letters are symbols for sounds and as soon as you know those sounds you can put together so many words.  We call the sounds that letters make their phonemes. In this lesson we are going to learn about a digraph. That is where two letters are put together to make one sound.  In this lesson children will be able to identify the digraph /sh/ by coming the sound /s/ with the sound /h/.  


            Construction paper with letters SH on it, chart of “SH SH Stop That Noise”, copy of the book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” by Dr. Seuss., primary paper, pencil, flashcards with words, fish, stick, ham, shout,  shoe, cat, table, shell,  picture page, crayons, white paper


1.         Ok, everyone knows that all the letters have a sound. Well today we are going to put together the s and the h to make the sound /SH/.  One thing that is really tricky about reading is that we have to figure out the different kinds of sounds. I want you all to pretend like we are all being too loud and tell us all to SHHH... Great job! Well, that’s the sound that the letters s and h make when they are together.

2.  Have your parents ever been on the phone and you suddenly need to ask them a question really bad? Yeah me too! Well when they are on the phone do they go ‘SHH... I’m trying to you the phone!” Well that’s the same sound that the /SH? makes.  Ok I’m going to say a word and I want you to tell me if you hear /SH/ and if it’s at the beginning or the end.  Great job! Now,  Let’s say the word “Ship” and when we do I want to drag out the /SH/ part of ship.. Ok try it with me SHHHHHHH--ip.. Good job!  Did everyone hear /sh/ at the beginning!

3.  Ok, now we are going to read a chant. The first time I want you to listen and the second time through I want you to put your finger over your mouth every time you hear the /sh/ sound and say it really loud! The chant’s name is “Sh, Sh Stop that Noise”.(on chart) Ok now everyone read it with me and remember that when we hear the /sh/ sound we are going to say it really loud and put out fingers over our mouth like we’re telling someone to be quiet.

4.  (Pass out primary paper and pencil). Let’s review how to make the letter s. So, one our top line we are going to start at the windows and curve around like we are making a c, then we are gonna curve around the other way and loop at the floor to make the end of our s. Watch me and then try yourself.  AWESOME job guys!  Now as soon as I have checked you letter make 5 more s’s just like that one. (Give some time)  On the next line we are going to start at the ceiling come all the way down to the floor and back up to the window and make a camel hump back down to the floor.  Watch me and then try yourself. Good job!.. Now make 5 h’s just like that one after I have checked yours to make sure it is right. (give some time) Now we are going to go to the next line and make the s and the h and we are going to write them together just like this. (demonstrate).. Now you make 5 just like that.. GREAT job!!]


5. Now I am going to say some words and I want you to raise your hand and tell me if which word you hear the /sh/ in.  Fish or stick? Ham or shout? Shoe or cat? table or shell? Great job! Can someone tell me by raising their hand how they new which words had the /sh/ sound in them?

6.  We are now going to read the story, “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.” The first time I am going to read it to you and the second time I want you to all put your fingers over your mouth and say “SHH” when you hear the sound /sh/.  Everybody ready.. Let’s start.  (read book) 

7.  Now I am going to give you a sheet that has lots of pictures on it. If you see a picture that you think has the /sh/ sound on it I want you to circle it. When everyone is done we will talk about this sheet.

8. The last thing we are going to do is I want you to pick a word that has the sound /sh/ in it. Then I want you to draw a picture of it and write me a message about it. When you are finished we will hang them up around the room so everyone can see. If you can’t think of a work think of the words we learned in our book.