Sara Brotherton

                                                            CTRD 6700

                                                            Lesson Design

                                                            Beginning Reading

                                    BOOM BOOM BOOM


      When children learn to read they need to understand that letters map the phonemes sequence for spoken words.  Learning to spell words before reading them helping with this sequence. Helping to recognize the letters at the beginning of the words make reading a lot easier. Today I am going to help children respond to the letter correspondence B=/b/.  They will learn the sound B makes by learning a meaningful representation and recognize b in spoken words and written words.


      Construction paper with letters B and b on it, copy of the book “Boom, Boom, Boom” by Dr. Seuss. Random House publishing, yellow contruction paper, scissors, beads, black construction paper, primary paper, pencil, flashcards with words, bat, cat, stick, dog,  shoe, brick, bottle, bang,  picture page with the digraph we learned today, crayons, white paper


1.    Ok, everyone knows that all the letters have a sound. Well today we are going to talk about the sound that you hear at the beginning of BOO! (say it real loud). What letter did i just say? Right. B. Who can think of another word that starts with B? GOOD JOB!!

2.  Ok now we are going to practice making the b=/B/ sound. Ok I want everyone to press their lips really tight together and then buzz like a bee. That’s right... that’s how you make the sound of B.  

3.  Well all this talking about bumblebee’s has made me want to make one? What do you say? Greatt.. I knew you’d want to make one too! So I’m going to give you some yellow and black construction paper. I want you to make the bee’s body out of the yellow construction paper by cutting out a circle, then add some stripes to make him a bumblebee. Good job.. Now we are going to decorate him with BEADS!! Who can tell me what the words, Beads, bumblebee, and black all have in common? That’s right they all have B in their name.

4.  (Pass out primary paper and pencil). Let’s review how to make the letter b. First you draw a line from the roof down to the floor then trace that line all the way back up. Then you make two sideways camel humps. Watch me and then try yourself.  AWESOME job guys!  Now as soon as I have checked you letter make 5 more b’s just like that one. (Give some time)  

5. Now I am going to say some words and I want  you to raise your hand and tell me if which word you hear the /b/ in.  cat or bat? brick or stick? bottle or dog? bang or shoe? Great job!  Can someone tell me by raising their hand how they new which words had the /b/ sound in them?

6.  We are now going to read the story, “Boom Boom Boom.” The first time I am going to read it to you and the second time I want you to press your lips together and BUZZ everytime you hear a /b/ sound. Everybody ready.. Let’s start. (read book) 

7.  For their assessment I will give them a worksheet with pictures they can color if the word is a B word. Now I am going to give you a sheet that has lots of words on it. If you see a word that you think has the /b/ sound on it I want you to color it. When everyone is done we will talk about this sheet.