Th, Th, Thumped

By: Betsy Thomas


Rationale: For children to be good readers they must first start out with the two basic foundations that will lead them to be a successful reader. Those are letter-name knowledge and phoneme awareness. Phonemes are the smallest unit of sound in a spoken word. Children can learn to recognize different phonemes and sounds by matching letters to their vocal gestures in spoken contexts.



-         Copy of tongue twister for everyone (Thad thought that those things thumped)

-         Copy of the book Bambi (read the part with Thumper the bunny rabbit)

-         Picture of Thumper from Bambi for them to color

-         Picture of a hand thumping something.

-         Crayons for each student.

-         Word cards with the “th” words

-         Poster with tongue twister written on it.

-         List of words for game “Can you hear it?”


            -“Today we are going to learn the “th” sound. Can everyone say “th.” When I think of that sound I think of someone thumping something. Let’s all thump the air when we say that sound. Please don’t thump your neighbor or your desk. We only thump the air in front of us.”

            -“Now let’s look at some words with this sound in it. Look at word cards and let the class read them out loud. “We can also have that sound at the end of the word. (Show other word cards with “th” at the end.)

            -“Now let’s try a tongue twister with the “th” sound. Say “Thad though that those things thumped.” (put up poster with this written on it.) Good! Now let’s thump the air every time we hear the “th” sound in a word. Good! Now let’s drag out the “th” sound in every word! Great job!!

            -Now we are going to play a game called “can you hear it.” To play this you have to be very quiet and listen. I am going to call out two words and I want you to tell me which word you hear the “th” sound. You will have to listen very closely because it might be at the beginning of the word or at the end. Are you ready?

                                    That       or       hat

                                    Bought   or      thought

                                    Stink      or      think

                                    Had        or      thad

                                    Hose      or       those

                                    Bath       or       math

            -Now we are going to read about a character that I am sure all of you will know. Have you all heard the story of Bambi? Do you remember the silly rabbit named Thumper. Let’s say his name together. Do you hear the “th” in Thumper. Let’s read about Thumper.

            -Now we will color the picture of thumper.

Assessment: For the assessment I will give each child a worksheet with a word list. They will have to circle the words that have the “th” sound at either the beginning or end of the word.




1. Sucking our Thumb by Autumn Aldrich

2. Thumper  . Disney Publishing. 1990

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