Read Like Sonic the Hedgehog

Chase Holden

Growing Independency and Fluency

Rationale: Students able to identify words accurately and automatically are better able to comprehend text than those that have a difficult time decoding.  Students need to become fluent readers to easier comprehend texts.  Repeated readings are an efficient way for students to become fluent readers.

Materials: Flash cards with pseudo words (prake, kive, gik, yeem, nain, zoop, walebick, fet) stopwatches,  pencil, paper, class library


 1.  Begin the lesson by reminding students how to chunk words.  Hold up index cards of pseudo words to the class and model how to chunk the words to decode what they could say.  Read the words at least twice to make sure everyone sees how they are decoded.

2.  Now that we know one way to figure out words we are not familiar with, what is another way we can get help?  If we get stuck it is okay to ask the teacher or a friend for help.  When we read it is important to not skip words.  We need to read all the words so that we can understand the whole story.

3.   Today we are going to see how fast we can read words.  Tell me which sentence sounds better.  T-he d-og is n-ot s-ick?  (read broken the first time).  Now read the same sentence as you regularly would.  We are going to practice reading the same book over and over until we all can read smoothly.

4.  Allow the students to go to the class library to find a book of their choice.  It should be on their independent reading level.  After they find a book tell them to begin reading on their own.  Allow enough time for each child to be able to read their book at least four times.

5.  Pair the students up.  Give the children more time to read out loud to their partner.  They should keep practicing so that they can read the book fluently and effortlessly.

6. (Assessment)  Now, we are going to read like Sonic the Hedgehog.  Pass out stop watches to the children (one per group).

7.  Each child should read their book to their partner as they are being timed.  Make sure the children are reading the same amount of words, so the race will be fair.  (One child will not be reading 2 pages while another is reading 20).  Each child should record their times on a piece of paper that will be collected by the teacher.

Reading Fast and Fluently, Lisa Wells
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