“Hooty Hoo”

Emergent Literacy
Melanie Alvarez

Rationale: In order for children to be skillful readers they must be able to automatically recognize letters.  Students can automatically recognize letters when they can recognize all of the letters in at least one minute.  This lesson will help children identify the letter O in written words and help them learn how to print the letter O.  This lesson will also teach the students the letter name O.  


Materials: Index cards with a picture of a specific animal (zebra, elephant, monkey, tiger, lion, etc.) on them; “O glasses” felt cut-out; primary paper and pencil; the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See; a felt board with woods scene on it, and an assessment worksheet.



1. “Today friends we are going to learn about the letter O.  Can everyone say the letter O after me? Me: O…..Students: O!  See what happens to your mouth when you say the letter O?  (Make my mouth move like I am about to say the letter O).  Your lips kind of stick out and they actually make a shape, a circle, that also looks like the letter o is written.  Now, everyone practice saying the letter O.  (Everyone practices).


2.  “The letter O reminds me of owl’s eyes.  Each eye is round, just like the letter O.  Also, if you look at glasses, sometimes each lens looks like the letter O.


3.  “I am passing around an index card with a picture of an animal on the back of it.  I am also passing around a pair of “O glasses.”  I will say, “I walked deep into the woods and I see a __________.”  If I call out your animal I want you to walk up to our woods felt board and put your glasses on the board.  When you put your glasses on the board I want you to say the letter O. 


4. “Let’s get out a piece of primary paper and a pencil and practice writing the letter O.  When you are trying to write the letter O you start at the rooftop and dip down to the sidewalk and back around to the rooftop.  Now, you try it and while you are writing the letter O I want you to say “Start at the rooftop, down and around!!!”  Now, I want you to practice by writing 10 more Os just like the one we practiced writing.


5.  I will first give a book talk on Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See, then the I will read aloud the book.    After reading it once, I will read it again and will point at the words as I read them, and as I get to a word that has the letter O in it I will get the students to make an O by raising their arms above their heads and making the letter O.


6.  For assessment I will give the students a worksheet with a lot of letters on it.  The students will be asked to circle all the letters O.




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