Pinky the Pig Pops Popcorn!


Davis Snider

                        Emergent Literacy Design                                             


In this lesson children will identify /p/, the phoneme represented by P.  The student will learn to recognize /p/ in spoken words by learning a meaningful representation (popping) and the letter vowel P, learn the mouth movements that go with P, and practice finding /p/ in words.


-Tongue tickler "Pinky the Pig Pops Popcorn for Polly the Penguin"

- Picture of Popcorn

- Primary writing paper and pencils

- Word list with the /p/ sound and without: pour, pig, ball, pot, pink, dog, pick, hat, pop, put, pull

- Patâs Jam by Sheila Cushman

- P worksheet


1.    "Today we are going to learn the letter P. The letter P makes the sound /p/p just like popping popcorn." "Have you ever popped popcorn before?"

2.    Now let's act like we are popping popcorn. Open and close your hand like a popcorn kernel is popping open and say /p//p//p/, while doing it. "Do you notice the movement your lips are making when you say /p/?"

3.    Let's say the tongue tickler. I will say it first and then you say it after me. "Pinky the Pig Pops Popcorn for Polly the Penguin." Now you say it. Now this time when we say it we are going to pop our hands like popping popcorn when we hear the /p/ sound. "Do you hear the /p/ sound in pat or fat?"

4.    Let me show you how to find /p/ in stop. When I say stop I'm going to stretch out the /p/. sssss tttt oooo ppppppp.

5. Now let me read to you Patâs Jam by Sheila Cushman and everytime you here the /p/ sound open and close your hand like the popcorn is popping.

5.    For assessment I will give the child a worksheet and have them color the picture if it has the /p/ sound and write the letter in that is missing.


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