/i/ is Icky Sticky!

Kacie Nickles

Beginning Reading



This lesson will help students recognize and understand the short I sound /i/. Students will be able to recognize the vowel in spoken words and illustrate it with the representation of sticky hands. Students will do a letterbox lesson using /i/. This will help them associate the phoneme with the grapheme.


Chart paper with tongue twister  “Icky Sid slipped on the pig”; Decodable text Tin Man Fix it (Educational  Insights, 1990); Letterboxes;  Letterbox words: sit, tip, fib (3 phonemes) Brick, crib, slick ( 4 phonemes) drink, twist (5 phonemes) sprint (6 phonemes); Letter tiles: b,c,d,f,l,k,I,n,p,s,t,r; List of words for students to distinguish vowel sound /i/: pet, pit, him, her, flip,flop,drink,drank; hand mirrors


1)    Our language is a written code. Sometimes it is difficult to match the letters with our mouth movements. Everybody say /i/.

2)Now when we say /i/ I want you to pe have something icky and sticky on your fingers. Together let’s say icky sticky and do your hands like this ( shake them like they are covered in something sticky.

3)    Now say /i/ and look in your mirror. Everyone say icky sticky and look in the mirror. Can you see the /i/. What letter spells /i/? I spells /i/.

4)    Now I’m going to say some words and I want you to do the icky sticky hands if you hear the /i/; pet, pit; him, her; flip, flop; drink, drank

5)    Now we are going to practice saying our tongue twister together. “Icky Sid slipped on the pig”  Now practice saying it with a partner. Shake your hands like they are covered with something sticky every time you hear /i/

6)     Next split the class into two groups. Have one group break into partners and practice partner reading the book Tin Man Fix it

7)    Do a letterbox lesson using the words listed in the material section. Tell the student the word and let them break the words into phonemes. Each phoneme has its own box. Model the letterbox by spelling the word. Sound out the number of phonemes (5) and lay out 5 boxes. Next tell students that the first sound that we hear in twist is /t/ so t will go in the first box. The next sound we hear is /w/  so w will go in the next  box. The next sound I hear in twist is /i/ I says /i/ so that will be the next letter. Next I hear /s/ so the next letter is s. Then the last sound I hear is /t/. So we spell twist t-w-i-s-t.

   8)  Next we are going to partner read Tin Man Fix it. Listen closely for that /i/

  Assessment: During the letterbox lesson I will be with the students keeping a record of which words they spelled correctly as well a if they can find

the /i/ in the words. For this I will use a checklist.



 Icky Sticky by: Margret Payne

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