Chuga Chuga Choo Choo!


By: Lauren Milligan


Beginning Reading Lesson Design


Rationale:  Students must learn all the different phonemes in order to become better decoders of texts. Some phonemes are one letter while others have two or combinations of letters. The consonant digraph “ch” is one that can be difficult for students to decode or recognize. Today students will learn the phoneme ch=/ch/. Once students understand this lesson, they will be able to decode words with /ch/ in them and become better decoders.


Chica Chica Boom Boom by Bill Martin Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing  Year: October 2006

Picture of train with "ch" below the picture



Word list: chip, chunk, chop, bunch, beach, chat

Letter Box letters: a, b, c, e, h, i, k,  n, p, t, u

Worksheet (attached) identifying pictures that represent words that contain the phoneme ch=/ch/.


1. Today we are going to learn about the phoneme ch=/ch/. The letters “c” and “h” combined make the phoneme /ch/. This sound is similar to the sound  train makes when it is moving. (model saying /ch/ with the train hand motion). The phoneme /ch/ can be made by putting your teeth together and touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth and blowing air.

2. Now listen as I say this tongue twister. Each time you hear /ch/ I want you to do the train motion. “Charlie chopped chunks of chocolate to make chocolate chips”. Now let’s say this tongue twister together, “Charlie chopped chunks of chocolate to make chocolate chips”.

3. Then have the class stretch the tongue twister to isolate the phoneme /ch/. “Ch-arlie ch-opped ch-unks of ch-ocolate to make ch-ocolate ch-ips”.

4. Ask: “Do you hear /ch/ in chop or stop? Rich or rent? Chat or that?”

5. Now let’s do a worksheet identifying which picture represents a word with the phoneme /ch/ in it. (attached)

6. Now let’s practice spelling and reading words with the phoneme /ch/ in them. Letter box lesson: Explain that the “ch” go in the same box because they make one sound. Students will spell the words from the word list using their own letter boxes as I spell them aloud. ---Then students will read the words. Model spelling the word “church” before students spell the words.

Word list: chip, chunk, church, bunch, chirp, chat

Letter Box letters: a, c, h, i, k, n, p, t, u,

Now model reading the word “chirp” before students spell the words.

End lesson by having students read the book, Chica Chica Boom Boom by Bill Martin aloud to the class. This will give them further exposure to the phoneme.

Assessment: Students will look at the worksheets with the pictures they circled that contained the phoneme /ch/ in them. Students will practice writing the words that each picture represented.


Book: Chica Chica Boom Boom by Bill Martin

 Other Lesson Plans: The Choo, Choo Train-








Directions: Circle the picture that has the phoneme /ch/ in the word. Then write the word below each picture.


MP900448497[1]  j0149407

 ________________________________            _________________________

MC900331527[1]                     MP900448355[1]

_______________________                    __________________________________

Directions: Circle the words that contain the letter combination "ch":

chip                    clay                    choice

chop                   hatch                  hunt

catch                  chocolate            seal

beach                 crunch                jump

keep                   lunch                 bunch

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