Tick Tock Time to Learn

alarm clock

Elizabeth Gattis

Emergent Literacy Design


Rationale: This lesson will help children identify /t/, which is represented by the phoneme T.  Students will learn to recognize /t/ in spoken words by learning the representation of a ticking clock (tick tock) and the letter T.  They will practice finding the /t/ sound in words through spoken language and reading rhyming books.

Materials: Primary paper and pencil, chart with "Tommy tricked Tim and took his train off the track", drawing paper and crayons, word cards with TABLE, TURTLE, TOOTH, TIME, TRAIN, AND FABLE, Jim and Tim, and an assessment worksheet identifying pictures with /t/ (http://www.kidzone.ws/kindergarten/t-begins2.htm)  


1 Show picture of a grandfather clock. Say: Does anyone have a big grandfather clock in their house? I do and my clock makes the sound tick tock tick tock. Can you say that with me? While we say /t/ we are going to sway our head from one side to the other just like a clock. 

2 We are going to be working on finding the /t/ sound in our lesson today.  When we say /t/ our tongue touches the top of our mouth. Let's practice saying /t/ like a clock, tick tock tick tock.

3 Jim and Tim has good /t/ sounds in it such as in Tim.  We will read it later for other examples.

4 Before we read our story we need a little more practice with the /t/ sound.  Let's practice with a tongue tickler.  Chart will read "Tommy tricked Tim and took his train off the track".  Let's say it one more time but draw out the /t/ sounds in each of the words that start with the letter T.

5 Take out your paper and we are going to write the letter T which makes the sound /t/.  A T is a line from the roof to the floor and a capital T has a top hat on the rooftop and a lower case T has a belt at the fence.  After I have checked your T's I want you to draw nine more just like them.

6 Now we are going to hear a list of words and when you hear /t/ I want you to move your head like the ticking of a clock. Table, fable, tooth, booth, pan, tan, took, book.

7 Now let's read Jim and Tim and when you hear a /t/ I want you to sway your head like a clock again.

8 Show the cards with words that begin with T.  Ask the children how they can tell which words begin with T and explain that we are looking for words that start with the letters we drew earlier because the T makes the sound /t/.

9 For assessment the students will complete a "What begins with T" worksheet.  Students will complete the words and color the pictures that begin with the letter T.

Mary Brown (1974). Jim and Tim, the alphabet series 1. Educators Publishing Service, Inc.

Begins with T Worksheet. http://www.kidzone.ws/kindergarten/t-begins2.htm

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