Lizzie's Little List

Beth Davis

Beginning Reading Design



Rationale: In order to become a skillful reader, students must become familiar and understand the relationship between letters and their sounds, or graphemes and phonemes. Beginning readers need to be aware of the different phonemes in words. Vowels can sound more than one way, short or long, which is a reason that students tend to have difficulty in mastering their vowels. I will be focusing on teaching the correspondence i=/i/. The lesson will help the student with the short i sound, as well as giving the student practice to read and spell words  with the short i.



-A Picture of Lizzie's List

-Index cards with words on each one (tip, mat, sip, log, hip, full, pill, beg, milk, lamp, wish)

-Letterboxes for the letterbox lesson (words: grim, pin, splint, dim, mint, trip)

-Copies of the book Tin Man Fix It or other decodable books featuring the phoneme /i/

-Primary writing paper

-Pencil for student

-Cover up critterstters needed per student:  a, b, i, t, k, d, m, n, r, p, f, l

-Pseudo Word Worksheet for teacher (cig, rit, pim, bep, flid, sich, nist).



1. "Today we are going to learn all about the "i" sound that is in the words "Lizzie's", "little" and "list". It is important for us to know what sound is made by certain letters so that we can read accurately when we come across it in other words we may read. We will also be reviewing the "a" sound that is in "Fat" and "Sad".

2. "Have you ever made a list?  Lizzie is making a very list.  A very little list!" Do you hear the /i/ sound in the word list as I say it?  Think about my mouth movement when I say the /i/ sound.  Can we do it together? /iiiiiiii/.  Now pretend like you are making a list and make the "i-i-i" sound as you say "List, liiist, liiiist."

3. "Let's say this sentence together, Lizzie didn't finish the little list."  Let's say it again and stretch out the /i/ sound whenever we hear it.  "Liiiiiiiiizie diiiidn't fiiiinniiish the liiiiitle liiiist." 

4. "Now I am going to see if you can remember the /i/ sound when you see it in written words.  I'm going to hold up two cards with a word on each of them. I want you to tell me which one has the /i/ sound."  Hold up cards rap and fit.  "Which one has the /i/ sound? Fit! Good!" Do this with the rest of the cards. (tip, mat, sip, log, hip, full, pill, beg, wish, milk, lap)

5."Now we are going to use letterboxes to spell some words.  Make sure and remember that only one mouth sound goes in each box."  I will model how to do so by putting each letter sound in one box to spell out the word and then have the students do one on their own as I say each word. When I say "bit" each sound/letter goes in one letterbox like this: /b/ /i/ /t/ . (words: i=/i/ (3: bit, kid), (4: mint, trip, camp) a=/a/, (5: flint)). After completing all of the words in the letterboxes, be sure to go back and have the student read the words that they spelled from pre-made flash cards.

 6. "Now we are going to work on recognizing the /i/ sound when we read.  We are going to read the book, Tin Man Fix It. Let me tell you a little about this book! Hand out the books Tin Man Fix ItThis is a book about a tin man who is Jim's really good friend.  They have a lot of fun together, but one day he gets broken!  Do you think Jim will be able to fix him?  Let's read with a partner to find out.  Students will get a buddy and read one page at a time aloud.  They will then switch and read the alternate pages.  Walk around and monitor students reading during this.  Talk about the story when all the students have finished.

Book Talk:

This is a book about a tin man who is Jim's really good friend. They have a lot of fun together, but one day he breaks! Do you think Jim will be able to fix him? Let's read to find out! 
I want you to read this book on your own, and then we are going to buddy read it together.  

Assessment: For an assessment I will see if the student does well with the letterbox lesson, and if the student is able to read a list of words with the /i/ phoneme. 


Tiiiicklish Tiiimmy by Ansley Salter


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