Take a picture with /k/

By: Victoria Barron

Rationale:  This lesson will help children identify /k/, the phoneme represented by k, c, and ck. Students will learn to recognize /k/ in spoken words by learning a meaningful representation (clicking a camera) and the letter symbols k, c, and ck. practice finding /k/ in words, and apply phoneme awareness with /k/ in phonetic cue reading by distinguishing rhyming words from beginning letters.

Materials: primary paper and pencil, chart with ���Kate's creamy king cake can crack���; drawing paper and crayons; word cards with CUP, CAKE, BOOK, TOP, CRACK; assessment worksheets (url below). Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat: Random House, 1957.


1.       Say: Our written language is a secret code. The tricky part is learning what letters stand for- the mouth moves we make as we say words. Today we are going to learn how to take a picture with /k/. We spell /k/ with the letters k, c, and ck. Anyway we spell it, it sounds like our clicking camera taking a picture!

2.       Let's pretend to take a picture with our camera, /k/, /k/, /k/. (show taking a picture with an imaginary camera). When we say /k/, our tongue touches the back of our mouth! Can you feel that?

3.       Let me show you how to find /k/ in the word king. I'm going to stretch king out in super slow motion and listen for my camera. Kkk-iii-nnn-gg. I felt it! My tongue hit the roof of my mouth one time when I said king.

4.       Now let's try a tongue twister (on chart)! I'll say it first then you repeat after me! Kate's creamy king cake can crack. Everyone say it three times together. Now let's say it slower so we can feel  the /k/ in the words. Kkkate's cccreamy kkking cccakkke cccan cccracckk. This time, lets break off the /k/ in each word! K-ate's c-reamy k-ing c-a-ke c-an c-ra-ck.

5.       Let's take out our writing paper and pencil. We use the letters k, c, and ck together to spell /k/. Let's write the letter k together! It goes, go down, come out here, into the center, and down to the sidewalk. Lowercase k is just as tall as his daddy. Start at the rooftop, go down, pick up at the fence, into the center and down.

6.       (call on students to answer). Do you hear /k/ in dog or cat? Milk or juice? Duck or door? Can or van? Stop or stuck? Let's see if you can click your camera and take a picture when you hear the /k/.  the, king, can't, come, out, in, cold, yucky, rain.

7.       I bet you know this book! It is called The Cat in the Hat. I am going to read you part of the book and I want to see you take a picture when you hear /k/. (read pages 12-21). Can you remember a /k/ from that book? Write the /k/ word that you remember and draw a picture of it!

8.       (use cards) This is cat. I know this word is not hat because the c tells me to take a picture with /k/.  Now you try: CUP: cup or up?, CAKE: rake or cake?, BOOK: book or boom?, TOP: cop or top?, CRACK: crack or crab?

9.       (Distribute the worksheets for assessment). Now let's see if you can complete the words. Then, you can color the pictures that have a /k/. On the next sheet, read the poem and circle the /k/ sounds you hear.


Tommy Davis. Golfing with /k/. http://www.auburn.edu/academic/education/reading_genie/realizations/davistel.htm



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