Bubbly B's


Ashley Ankersen

Phonemic Awareness Design

Rationale: This lesson we will be working with the phoneme /b/ represented by B. Students should understand how to recognize this in words by learning a meaningful representation and the letter symbol of B b.

Materials: primary paper and pencil, chart with "Barry baked brown beans", lyrics of song "In Our Backyard" word cards with ball, baby, cat, Bobby, Mary, Betty, red, boy, bicycle. Pictures of things that begin with B and some that do not begin with B.


1.     We will talk about the letter b and what sounds it makes, the mouth movements we make when pronouncing the sound, and how a bumpy car ride can sound like /b/, when you are riding on rocks, b-b-b-b-b, (stuttering the sound).

2.     Let me show you how to find the /b/ in the word "above" I will stretch out the word very slowly and listen for the /b/ sound. Aaa-b-b-bove; slower: aaa-b-b-b-bove, did you hear it? Now you try and see if you can hear the sound of a bumpy car ride. I want you to notice the motion of my mouth and lips, closed together at first then opened to make the sound.

3.     Let's try a tongue tickler. "Barry baked brown beans" now say this three times. Next lets say it very slow and stretch out the b sound at the beginning of each word. "B-b-b-b-barry b-b-b-backed b-b-brown b-b-beans". (again stuttering the sound) now try by breaking off the word like this: "/B/ arry /b/ aked /b/ rown /b/ eans".

4.     We will now practice writing the letter B and b. I will model first. Let's start with the uppercase B. First draw a straight line from the rooftop to the sidewalk, next draw a curved line starting at the top of the straight line and finishing at the fence, finally we will draw another curved line from the fence to the sidewalk. Now for the lowercase b we draw a straight line from the rooftop to the sidewalk, next draw a curved line from the fence to the sidewalk.

5.     I will ask the student, do you hear /b/ in bell or cell? Ball or call? Box or fox? Now let's try to identify where out mouth moves in this sentence, tap your desk when you hear /b/. "The big bubbles flew through the bright sky".

6.     Now we are going to sing a song called "In Our Backyard" (tune: Mulberry Bush). The first stanza is "this is the ways we bounce a balloon, bounce a balloon, bounce a balloon, this is the way we bounce a balloon, in our backyard" after we sing this we will sound it out slowly and stutter the /b/ then I will ask for any ideas of what else we could use, e.g. bounce a ball, ring a bell, sing like a bird. (Mrs. Jones website) If the student can not think of any ideas I will introduce some.

7.     I will show on the cards and the student to stutter out the /b/ in each one, if there is not a /b/ the student should just say so.

8.     For assessment I will show the student a page of a few different pictures, some with /b/ and some without. I will tell the student to color the pictures with /b/.




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