Sticky Piggy


Ashley Ankersen

Beginning Reading Design

Rationale: This lesson we will be working with the phoneme /i/. Short vowel sounds are difficult for students to understand so it is important that they have ample time to work with each sound. In this lesson students will learn to recognize the correspondence i = /i/. We will read sentences and identify "I" throughout and we will do a letterbox lesson with i = /i/ words.

Materials: pencils, primary paper, letter box letters, letterboxes, worksheets for each student, copy of the book "Liz is Six" for each student.


1.     First I will write the letter i on the board and say: "does anyone know what sound this letter makes? This letter makes the sound iiii, like you would say when you have something sticky on your hand. Listen carefully for this sound in the sentence:  Izzy the sticky pig is swimming in the icky water, now who can point to the letter that says /i/ in sticky? Good, now can someone tell me another word in our sentence that has /i/ in it?"

2.     "Now I will say a few words and I want you to tell me which ones have /i/ in them? Big or small? Stick or branch? Swim or walk? Kick or throw? Sick or well?"

3.     "Let's practice writing the letter i, everyone get your pencils and write the letter on your paper 5 times each. Start at the fence and draw a straight line down to the sidewalk. Once you have done that put a dot between the fence and the rooftop."

4.     "Now let's start the letterbox lesson, take out your letters and boxes, I am going to show you how to spell the word "pig" first I will count the phonemes and notice that I need three boxes to spell this out." I will place the letter p, i, and g in the boxes to model for them how to complete the lesson.

a.     "Now I want you to spell the word, "tin" in your letterbox. Who can tell me how many boxes we will need to spell this out? We will need three, just like for the word "pig" both of these words have three sounds in them."

b.     "Let's spell out some more words now, 3 – big; 4 – grid; 5 – swift."

c.      "Now I have flash cards with all of these words written on them, when I show you the card I want you to read the word to me."

5.     "Now we will read the book, "Liz is Six" with a partner. This book is about a girl who has a pig for a friend, one day her and her friend play baseball and something interesting happens, let's read more to find out."

6.     To assess the students I will give everyone a worksheet with different sentences on it. I will say the sentences one at a time and ask the students to circle the words in the sentence that have /i/ in them.

Example of Worksheet


Circle the words that have /i/ in them.

1.     The big bug ran down the hill.

2.     Billy's dog licked his chin.

3.     The cat sat on the window sill.

4.     The fin on the fish is red.

5.     Our ribs are inside our body.

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Idea from "The Reading Genie" website:

Pegues, Jenniffer "Picky Pig"