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Reading Comprehension Jobs

Rationale: When children become fluent readers, it is very important for them to comprehend what they are reading.  Strategies can be learned to improve comprehension.  The goal of this lesson is to teach children different strategies to help them understand what they are reading.  We will focus on reading comprehension jobs.  This lesson will also show children how to work together in groups.  The groups will discuss what they have read as well as if they have comprehended it.

Materials: Posters that have the different jobs and descriptions on them (Discussion Director, Passage Master, Word Wizard, and Connector), chalk, chalkboard, an age appropriate novel for each group such as The Islander by Cynthia Rylant or Ramona by Beverly Clearly ­ Each group will have a different novel depending on their reading level.

1) The teacher will review silent reading.  “Boys and girls, does anyone remember how to read silently?”  “Why is it so important to read silently?”  “That’s right, you can read at the speed that you like.”  “Today we are going to get in groups and learn to comprehend what we read when we read silently.”

2) I will explain the four different jobs to the children by using the posters.

3) I will have a paragraph from The Islander written on the board.  “I want each of you to read this paragraph silently and raise your hand when you are finished.”  I will model how to do each job from the paragraph on the board.  The discussion director will discuss the chapter by asking questions about the chapter.  The passage master will pick several of their favorite passages from the chapter and explain why they liked that passage.  The word wizard will pick several words from the chapter and explain them to the other children.  The connector will pick several passages from the chapter and explain how those passages connect to their lives.  “Does anyone have a question about our four jobs.”  Good!  “I think that we are ready to begin.”

4) We will have four groups of four.  I will group the children according to their reading level.  Each group will have a different book depending on their reading level.  I will let each group draw for their job.  After you draw, you are to read the poster for your job.  Make sure that you understand your job.

5) I want each group to read a chapter in their assigned group.  I will specify which chapter I want them to read because I want each group to read the same chapter.  For example, one group may read Chapter 2 from The Islander and another group may read Chapter 4 from Ramona.

6) After the children in each group have completed their jobs, they will talk about their job to the other group members.  I feel that this is a great way to review the chapter.

7) For assessment, I will assign each group another chapter to read.  Each person in the group will read the chapter silently.  The children will draw again for their jobs.  After they have read, Each child will complete their job.  The y will write their job on loose-leaf paper and turn it in to me when they are finished.  I will conference with children after I have had a chance to look at their paper.

Reference: Becky Large, Yarbrough Elementary School, Auburn, AL., 2/3rd grade, 2001
I also used some of my own ideas.

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