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Rainbow Day

Rationale:  The most important goal of reading is to comprehend.  There are many strategies that have been developed, but visualization is one key element that aids in reading comprehension.  This lesson is designed to help children learn to visualize as they read which enables them to comprehend more easily.

Materials:  Paper and pencil, markers, Discovery Magazine, and James and the Good Day.

Procedures:  1.  Today we’re going to talk about visualization as we read.  This will help
                          us to comprehend what we’re reading by picturing it in our minds as we
                          read.  Visualizing helps to reinforce what we are reading so that we can
                          better understand and remember what we have read.  To give an
    example:  What kind of a day do you think James was having once he
                          overfilled the tub?
2. Now I want you to practice your silent reading by reading a passage in
your chosen book.  After you read I would like you to close your eyes and create a picture in your mind of what you have read.
3. I want each of you to take out your materials and draw a picture of what
you visualized about your reading.
4. I would ask the students to share their pictures with the other students.
5. Divide the students into four groups.  I will give different passages to each group and there will be a designated reader for each group and the other students will visualize an image as they listen then draw a picture.
Assessment:  I would have preselected a passage for the students to read out of the Discovery Magazine. I would remind them to visualize as they read.  Then I will pass out a quiz for the passage to see if the students have comprehended their reading.

References:  Discovery Magazine
                     James and The Good Day
                     Pressley, M et al, (1998)  “Strategies that Improve Children’s Memory and
                     Comprehension of Text.”  The Elementary School Journal.  90, 3-32.

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