Pebbles King

“Spring” into Step

Rationale:  To learn to become voluntary readers students must be encouraged to read material on their own.Children will become voluntary readers by the amount of time children spend each day on reading the book of their choice on their own time.This procedure has positive effects on growth in comprehension, vocabulary, and reading fluency.

Materials: various literature books, individual copies of the text being read, (for you to follow the material being read) and a stopwatch.

1.  Introduce the lesson by reviewing the effects that daily book readings have on reading achievement. 

2. Ask students to pick a story they would like to read out of the literature book ? as they look for a story write the student’s name and the date of the test on the text copies for marking.

3. “Now let’s begin reading”!Push the button on the stopwatch when the child says begins to read. 

4. As soon as the child finishes reading the book, push the button on the stopwatch and record the time taken (in seconds) by the child’s name.

5. For assessment, I will assess the student’s comprehension of the book using the retelling strategy ? to encourage students to retell the story asthough they were telling it to someone who had never read it before. 

Reference:  Wilson, Paul.(1992).Among Nonreaders:Voluntary reading, reading achievement, and the development of reading habits.In C. Temple and P. Collins (Eds.), Stories and readers:New Perspectives on literature in the elementary classroom (pp. 157-169).Norwood, MA:Christopher Gordon.

Eldredge, Lloyd J.(1995).Teaching Decoding in Holistic Classrooms.Englewood Cliffs, NJ:Merrill.

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