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Beginning Reading

I’m going to ch…ch…chase you!

 Now that the child has learned their alphabet and most of their phonemes, I am going to introduce the digraph /ch/. I am going to teach this digraph and how to use in figuring out new words.  The child will be able to recognize and say /ch/. And then they will be able to blend the /ch/ into the other phonemes.  Once this is accomplished the child will be able to recognize the /ch/ in written text and figure out new words.

 -Cards with /ch/ on them and other parts of the words.
1. One card with /ch/
2. Other cards w/ at, in, op, eck, est, ip…
-# Of copies of story (made up one) or a book w/ /ch/ sound for as many children as I have.
 -A list a pseudowords that the child can read from when assessing
  chen, chang, chep, chuz, fluch, glouch, chung, chuf, spich
-White board and pens (chalkboard and chalk)

1. “Today we are going to learn /ch/ and see how we blend it into words.  Let us all see if we can make the /ch/ in our own mouths.  Good.  Today we are going to find all the words that we know that have /ch/ in them.  Then we will see how  /ch/ chases the other letters.”
2. “What happens in tag when want another person to be it?  You run after them and touch them.  Let us think of all the words that begin with /ch/ and see how it touches to all the other letters.”
Ch-ange Ch-at  Ch-ance
Ch-allenge Ch-eese Ch-eck
Ch-ase  Ch-eckers ch-ildren
3. “Now let me show you how I break up a word when I come across them when I am reading.”  I have the sentence on the board Charles will play checkers with me after we eat our cheese sandwiches for lunch.  “I take the word ‘chat’ and I see that there is a /ch/ /a/ /t/.  I can use my knowledge of /ch/ and attach it to the /a/ to say /chat/.”
4. Then I will turn to the class and ask them to read the rest of the sentence with me and when we come to the next /ch/ to stop and blend the word together to figure it out.
5. For an activity I will have made up some cards with the /ch/ on them and some other parts of words so that the child can blend them together to form words and sound them out using the onset and rimes.  I will also show the child how to use body coda when the /ch/ is in the middle of words or at the end, like in lunch or sandwiches.  (Ex.  bun-ch and san-d-wi-ch-es)

6. Next we will read this story that has a variety of /ch/ in it and try and use our new blending techniques to figure out the new words that we see.  We can also use are new blending to figure out other words as well.

***This story may not be applicable to your kids.  The vocabulary may be too difficult.***

Charles and Chi-chi’s Fabulous Day

One day Charles and his sister Chi-Chi woke up and went downstairs to see what their parents were doing.  Charles, being the hungry boy that he was could only think about breakfast.  So he headed to the cabinet to get the box of Cheerios.  Chi-chi’s favorite thing in the morning though was hot chocolate, not Cheerios like her brother.   By chance though, Chi-chi was hoping that there was still some chunky peanut butter left and her brother didn’t eat it, so that she could have some toast as well.
As they both sat down to enjoy their meal their mom turned to them and said, “What do you two think about going to the Chinese restaurant for lunch today?”  Charles and Chi-chi had never had Chinese food before, so they didn’t know what to expect.
All morning as Chi-chi was playing school and writing on here chalkboard with her colored chalk, all she could think about was what Chinese food would taste like?  Charles likewise was wondering what China was like and if they ate cheese and crackers, which were his favorite crunchy snack, next to crunchy peanut butter.
Charles’s dad knew that he was having a hard time waiting for lunch, so they began to play a game of chess, which they both loved.  Before they new it, Chi-chi and mom had come in the room and Chi-chi yelled “It’s time for Chinese!”
As they drove to the Chinese restaurant the children couldn’t stop chatting about what it was going to be like.  Once in the restaurant their parents ordered them some Chinese fried rice, and some chow mien noodles, with sesame chicken.  That sounded all right to Charles and Chi-chi.
Once the food arrived they thanked God that they could be there to eat the Chinese food and then they all began to eat.  They couldn’t believe how wonderful the food was and wanted more and more and more.
For the next week Chinese was all that Charles and Chi-chi wanted to eat, but their parents wouldn’t let them.  But their parents did say that they could eat their next month.  Charles and Chi-chi couldn’t wait for next month!

7. To assess the child I will have a sheet of psuedowords on it with /ch/ in the word and have the child say the words to me.
Chen chang chep chuz fluch glouch chung chuf  spich

 http://www.auburn.edu/rdggenie/tuning.html Reading Genie:  Tuning Into the Sounds in Words.

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