“What does a cow say?”


Beginning Reading lesson plan
Melissa Jackson

Children who are phonemically aware, are able to blend words together. They know the sounds of the letters. This lesson will show children how to combine the phoneme oo=/OO/ into words they can read.

-Book: “Moo in the Morning”
-large picture of a cow with detachable words in bubbles
-Elkonin boxes and letterbox letters for each child
-chalk and chalkboard
-worksheets with cows and roosters with the /00/ and /00/ correspondence words
on them
-bulletin board

1. The double “oo” sound can be /00/ (book) or /00/ (moon). (Assuming they have already learned the /oo/ sound)  This lesson focuses on the long /00/ sound. (I will have a large picture of a cow saying different things (words with the /00/-moo, moon, soon, noon...). Each word will be inside a bubble that is attachable. The only word that is not detachable is the “moo” word.) This is the sound that a cow makes on a farm. “moo... .oo”. I will have the class say the moo sound together.

2. Now say this tongue twister with me: “The moo cow sat by the pool at noon”. I will write this on the board and underline the /OO/ in each word.  What do all of these words have in common? They all have a double “o”. They have “o”s side by side.  Both of  these “o”s make the same sound. Does anyone know what twins are?  They look alike, act alike, and even sound alike. The double “o” is like twins.  Now say this tongue twister again.

3. A set of Elkonin boxes and lower case letters for each child, correspondence oo=/00/. The letters will be on the board and the teacher will say each word to the class. The children will spell the words in their Elkonin boxes. letterbox words: moo, noon, pool, moon, soon, boot, tool, room
necessary letters: m, o, o, n~ n, p, 1, s, b, t, r
This will help the children blend /OO/ sound to different letters to make words.
Then the teacher will spell the worth and the class will recite them.

 4. Each child will read this book individually, “Moo in the Morning”. If you hear a word with the double “oo” sound then say moo.  At the end of the story we will write on the board which words had correspondence oo=/00/ in them. What other animals on a farm make a sound similar to the “moo” sound? What about a rooster? Roosters make the sound “cockle-doodle-doo”. Do you here a sound that rhymes with moo? It is “doo”. (I will write what a rooster says on the board) What other word has the double “o” in it?  It is doodle.

5. As an assessment, I will hand out work sheets with cows and roosters on them. Each
sheet will have a different “oo” word. The word could be /oo/ or /00/, for example
“book or moon”. The children will read the word that is on the work sheet out loud. If they get it right then they can pass the sheet to their partner. After each child has seen
three cows or roosters then we will discuss which words are the /00/ words and /oo/ words.  I will have a bulletin board with “moo” words and one with “look” words.  As a class we will put each word in the right category.


“Moo in the Morning” by: Barbara Maitland (Auburn University, LRC)

 “The Reading Genie”: http://www.auburn.edu/rdggenie

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