Claire Hoffman


Erasing the Extras

Rationale: To be able to read for understanding children need to learn to delete trivial information. This will help them in summarizing the important information.

Materials: Copy of worksheet with sentences, copy for each child of paragraph from history book

Procedures: 1. Introduce the lesson by explaining that when we read there is a lot of information that is not important. To be able to find the important information we need to learn to delete the trivia.

2. Let me read you a sentence ãCharles was walking to school in the rain, on Friday,  when he dropped his green folder in the grass.ä The important information is that Charles dropped his folder. The color of the folder is not important or what day of the week it is. The weather is also trivial information.

3. I am going to pass out some worksheets that have sentences on them that are full of trivial information. I want you to circle the important information. Remember to read  silently. If you have to you may move your mouth but do not let any sound come out.

4.For assessment pass out a copy of a paragraph form the childrenâs history books.
Have the children underline only the important information.

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