Claire Hoffman
I Can't Hear You

Rationale: for students to become better readers they need to learn to read silently. By reading silently, students can concentrate on content.

Materials: One book per child of their choice (from library of decodable texts), one copy of Mr. Cricket takes a Vacation, Carousel Readers


1. Introduce the lesson by explaining that if everyone in the class read aloud it would be distracting. Tell students ãLetâs all pick out a book from the shelves that we want to read.ä  Have students all read aloud at the same time. ãSee how loud that was. I couldnât think at all.ä
2. Let us review what to do if we come to a word we do not know. We begin by covering up the beginning of the word and looking at the vowel. We then blend the word together.
3. ãIf we all read to our selves the room will be quiet and we can think about what we are reading. First, I want you to read the first page of your book but whisper. Very goodä
4. ãNow I want everyone to move their lips but not make any sounds. Watch how I read from my book and only move my lips.ä
5. ãWe are now going to read silently for five minutes. I am going to walk around the room and ask you some questions about your story.ä Teacher walks around the room making sure every student is reading silently. To make sure children are actually reading and not just sitting the teacher will ask questions about their book.

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